B is for Birthdays!

Joshua's birthday 027January is a big birthday month at this old house. Our oldest son was born on January 19th and his younger brother arrived two years later on January 16th. My younger brother was born on January 22nd and my youngest niece, Hope, was born on January 25th.

I set Joshua’s birthday table around a Washington state sports theme. Since we were celebrating the night before the NFC championship game here in Seattle I added some Seattle Seahawks touches to our Seattle Sounders Soccer themed table.

The Seahawks and the Sounders have similar team colors which made it easy and fun.

Our boy was happy with the table setting, the Ribeye steaks and his special request dessert. We had such a good time celebrating Josh.

Joshua's birthday 037Josh and Laura gifted me these beautiful illustrated ABC verse cards at Christmas and I’ll share the verse for letter B, too.

On Tuesday you can click on over for more ABC Wednesday posts on the letter B. Thank you to Denise Nesbitt who started this meme and to the team of bloggers who manage it every week.

Fun with Football

My post for ABC Wednesday and the letter F is all about fun watching football when your home team is in the Super Bowl and they win.

2014-02-02 Gameday!1We are first and foremost Soccer fans at my house but the Seahawks made it fun to watch football this year. This was their first Super Bowl Victory. We tailored our food around the team colors and even made blue drinks. Fans of Seahawk football will be forever faithful and enjoyed the final score. I’ll continue to be a fair weather fan.

To see more posts featuring the letter F click on ABC Wednesday. Thanks again to the host and hostesses of this weekly meme.

Out with the Old…

February 006Our dishwasher was over 10 years old and it started making noises and wasn’t pumping out all the water so we knew it was time to investigate something new. We ordered a new dishwasher and the service man came on Tuesday to take the old one out and replace it with our new one.

February 007Out with the Maytag and in with the Miele.

February 008I think we’ll be happy with our choice.

So much excitement around our town. Katie and I did not make it down to Seattle on Wednesday because my throat was acting up and it was cold. Traffic was gridlocked and they are saying that over 700,000 fans gathered downtown to welcome home the Seattle Seahawks and their Lombardy trophy. Here’s what our outdoor thermometer registered…

February 009That’s cold for the Seattle area! We sat and watched all the T.V. coverage of the parade and the welcome home rally at Century Link Field in our warm family room. Dear went into Seattle before the sun was up and came home with his work computer before the parade road closures started. That was a smart move as he made it home smoothly instead of being stuck in a traffic nightmare with 700,000 people trying to get out of Seattle after the parade.

I found a few more fun photos from our Super Bowl Sunday celebration.

February 004

February 003February 001So much fun!

Needless to say my Wednesday was a wash. I did manage to feed the three of us two meals. I also used my time sitting in front of the T.V. scanning more old photos. I’m glad I have something to show for Wednesday. How did your Wednesday go?


That’s an adjective that would be pinned on me if I didn’t mention the Sunday that was in Seattle!

12th man 002

Everywhere you looked in the the Puget Sound area you would see evidence of the 12th man Seahawk fans.


The city willed the Seahawks to a torturous victory over the San Francisco Forty Niners on Sunday. That means that the Seattle Seahawks are the NFC Champions and will be going to the Super Bowl.

unnamedG5X1S3YFThis is the building that Dear works in downtown. It’s the Russell Investment Center.

Looks like we won’t be able to ignore the Super Bowl game this year. There are many years that we do. This year we might even have to host a party.

The game and after game shows and all the news about all the excitement in Seattle ended just before Downton Abbey aired last night. The hilarious thing that happened next during the opening to Downton Abbey was that they photo shopped a 12th man flag on the top of Highclere Castle and gave a shout out to Seattle fans being loud, louder, loudest! How fun is that…

12th man downton 005

12th man downton 001

12th man downton 003The city of Seattle and all the out lying areas really come together in support of their teams like the Seahawks, the Sounders, the former Sonics.

We will go with the flow and enjoy all the hoopla that having our home team in the Super Bowl brings. Do you watch the Super Bowl? I was happy that the episode of Downton last night wasn’t as dramatic as the previous one. I’m starting to write down some of the lines from the show, too, like “We don’t all have to live off battered fish and meat pies!”