Fun with Football

My post for ABC Wednesday and the letter F is all about fun watching football when your home team is in the Super Bowl and they win.

2014-02-02 Gameday!1We are first and foremost Soccer fans at my house but the Seahawks made it fun to watch football this year. This was their first Super Bowl Victory. We tailored our food around the team colors and even made blue drinks. Fans of Seahawk football will be forever faithful and enjoyed the final score. I’ll continue to be a fair weather fan.

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11 thoughts on “Fun with Football

  1. Oh yes I know that feeling – of watching your favourite team win. It’s cricket for us though rather than football. I remember the crazy joy when India won the World Cup.

  2. This year’s Seahawk season was an exhausting ride, but I’m so glad they won Super Bowl 48! Especially after all the whining from the SF 49’rs and the infamous (or famous, depending on your point of view) tip by Richard Sherman during the playoffs. And no, I don’t think he’s a thug, even though all the Niners fans are quick to tell you differently. I have a good friend in SF (my maid of honour, actually) and if I mentioned the Super Bowl to her, our 40+ year friendship would probably be over. They really take their football seriously down there, even going so far as to print up red/orange jerseys that said “Super Bowl 48 – Anyone but the Seahawks!” Ah well, I’m still thrilled that Seattle won in the end. xoxo

  3. For us in the Netherlands, the Olympic Wintergames were very exciting and we were really surprised that the Dutch skaters had won so many medals. Six gold, six silver and eight bronze ones. We have only skaters, no skiers because we have no mountains. Well, I wish you a great week!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

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