Cross Country

For my flashback post this week I’m posting some photos from Dear and my trip from California to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. We made this trip in 1976. We stopped in Denver, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan and Canada in our little yellow 1976 Honda Civic.

Road Trip 1976Somewhere in Colorado on our way to Denver to visit Dear’s uncles and aunts on his mother’s side. Just as we entered the fine state of Colorado the state patrol decided we should contribute some money for the state’s economy!

Road Trip 19761Dear had 2 uncles that never married and they cared for their mother till she died. We had a good time in the kitchen and I helped Uncle Cliff make his famous Rhubarb pie. This was my first experience ever with Rhubarb. Uncle Arnold was the poet of the family and historian. We spent some time with Uncle Red (Chester) and Aunt Jeanette at their cabin and Dear helped Uncle Red saw wood. We also stopped to see my sister’s SIL’s family who had moved to Denver from Chicago, Kenneth and Lillian Semenchuk. (Upper left photo). We would stop at another of my sister’s SIL’s in Michigan.

img234As we continued east we went through Kansas and stopped at Dear’s Great Aunt Matilda’s. She was single all her life and never forgot anyone’s birthday. We all received cards every year while she was alive.

Road Trip 19762Our next stop was in Peoria, Illinois to visit Dear’s paternal grandmother and his uncle Harry at the family home. We visited other aunts and uncles while in Peoria but I don’t have photos. One uncle was a pig farmer and those pigs scared me. So huge! From Peoria we made a stop in Wheaton to visit our friend Andrew Semenchuk who officiated our wedding and his dear wife, Pauline. They worked for Slavic Gospel Association so we visited the offices in Wheaton.

Road Trip 19763From Chicago we drove to Michigan to my sister Kathy’s sister-in-law’s home. Peter and Ruth Leonovich were so hospitable and generous to us whenever we ended up at their home on the lake. I learned to water ski here.

img220We continued on our journey into Canada from Detroit with a plan to stop at a China shop in Windsor to complete my Royal Albert china set. All I had was a tea set that I purchased on one of our trips to England. We found a shop that had a good selection of seconds and we bought service for 12 in my pattern. We decided to continue on and visit the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. We also visited Niagara on the Lake. If only I had a digital camera then. I would love to visit this area again.


Road Trip 19764

Have you ever visited Niagara Falls? This was my second visit. In 1970 I visited friends in Buffalo, New York and they took me to the U.S. side of Niagara Falls.

img306It’s good for my brain to document these trips we took so long ago. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the world of photography since those days. When we crossed back into the U.S. from this trip we were given the 3rd degree about our camera. They would not believe we hadn’t purchased it in Canada. I gave them all the receipts for the China but they did not care about the China, all they were concerned about was the camera! Oye!

This week I’m looking forward to a visit to my hairdresser and then our tax return appointment with our accountant. It will be nice to have that behind me. How’s your week shaping up?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Cross Country

  1. It is enjoyable to take these strolls down Memory Lane. I’m enjoying the fashion show. I used to love wearing that style pant! Yes, I have visited Niagara; however, it was after visiting The Grand Canyon so it paled in compasrison UNTIL we had a little spin on the Maid of the Mists.

  2. Look at you waterskiing!!! These are awesome pictures and obviously wonderful memories! You make me want to dig out all my old pictures again! You MUST return to Niagara-On-The-Lake again and take a wee side trip to Stratford – we have a spare bed for you (and breakfast too)!!!

  3. Thank you for this ‘view’ on your past … I love seeing your smile !
    Obviously, it was a vacation that left you with rich memories !

  4. My daughter and I went to Niagara Falls in 2009 to celebrate her college graduation. We flew to Buffalo, rented a car and drove across the border. We stayed on the Canadian side, but visited the American side to do the cave of the Winds…amazing! We went to Niagara on the Lake also…went to the Butterfly Center, took a carriage ride and bought a Christmas ornament. It was a great trip! Love your old pictures…fun looking back!

  5. You two have always known how to have fun! And you have a good collection of photos to prove it! Love the walk down memory lane…and seeing the Ellen of yesteryear.

  6. So fun to see you and Greg in your younger years. Niagara Falls is my birthplace and was our favourite place to go after special school or youth events. Also it is where we spent the first night of our honeymoon. Niagara on the Lake? I can tell you that it is well worth another visit. Because we have family in the area we make sure to spend a day there each time we go. It’s vibrant, beautiful, and full of history and culture.

  7. Was this a honeymoon trip for you? You certainly hit a lot of places and saw a lot of relatives. Sweet! It almost seems we are related. I have relatives in Peoria and Wheaton, too, and Denver (with a cabin in the mountains outside of D). Funny, the coincidence.

    • Holly, Our honeymoon was in 1974. This was a trip to meet more of Dear’s family and spend time with friends. That is funny that our relatives hail from the same cities…

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