Looking Up…

I’m joining Susanne and friends at Living to Tell the Story for Friday’s Fave Five. Five things that I can look back on that help me remember to be thankful.

panels 004

1. Dear has been down and out all week with a head cold and cough. I’m thankful that things are looking up for him. I’m also thankful that we are relatively healthy around this old house and we don’t go through many weeks like this.

Wells Tuesday 100

2. Signs of Spring are popping up all over and that really makes me smile.

panels 003

3. My pop is doing well. We thought he might have shingles and he got the word that he doesn’t. I’m so thankful he doesn’t have to deal with that on top of his continued loneliness without my mom. I’m also thankful that my sister Kathy and her family have moved within 5 minutes to my dad’s apartment and they are willing to be there when he needs anything.

pop and kathyMy pop always travels with his checkbook in his shirt pocket. This habit of his makes me smile.

4. We had a wonderful time with our adult kids this past weekend. Lots of great together time eating and laughing and playing games. Dan and his girlfriend made it here and back across Snoqualmie Pass and I’m always thankful when I hear that they made it home safe and sound. The pass and the roads in Eastern Washington were treacherous for them and they saw lots of spin outs and rollovers on their way home. The day after they traveled the pass was shut down for most of the day.

Early Thanksgiving 011-001

5. I’m continuing in my quest to scan many of our photos. As I scan the photos the memories of times and people that added so much to our lives make me thankful to God for family, friends and life changing events.


This is a random photo from late ’76 or early ’77. My niece Debbee was born in May of 1976 and that’s how I can guess the timing of this photo. Love that my little babushka is in the photo. This was Dear and my second home in Huntington Beach, California. Dear, my best friend Heidi, my brother Steve, my pop, my mom, my sister Vera. Next row my brother in law Nick, niece Debbee, my sister Kathy, my sister Lana, my little babushka, and my brother Leonard.

I hope to be around to see what you are thankful for this week. You could share in the comments, too.

In the Midst of Fog…

…there are still favorites. Things to be thankful for that shine through no matter what. I’m joining Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for Friday’s Fave Five.

Josh 002

1. January is a big birthday month at our house. Joshua’s birthday was on Sunday. We celebrated earlier in the month and the photo above was part of our celebration. Our Son Dan’s birthday was on the 16th and his girlfriend’s birthday was on the 15th. This year we celebrated Dan from afar while he celebrated in Eastern Washington. My brother Tim celebrated his birthday and our niece Hope will celebrate her birthday on Saturday. We love to celebrate our loved ones and that’s my first favorite this week.

icy 005Our son Dan and his girlfriend Jamie

2. My dear old pop has been having a hard time with a lot of shoulder pain and when he’s in so much pain he misses my mom even more. I was happy to see this photo of him with my niece Melissa enjoying a meal out and looking so alive and pain free. He has been feeling better and the pain with medication has been more manageable. I’m so thankful my father’s pain has been relieved.

Pop & Melissa

12th man 006

3. We’ve been in quite a foggy overcast pattern here in the Puget Sound area. The afternoons where the sun finally broke through were another favorite of mine this week.

12th man 005 4. An early morning walk with Dear on Saturday was a blessing. It’s always good to get out and get some exercise in the Winter when we tend to want to stay inside and be couch potatoes. We were treated to some Eagle sightings.


5. Another favorite is visiting my bloggy friends each week. This week one of my favorite posts was this one from Gumbo Lily. I love seeing how other people live in different environments than my own and thrive “Day by Day”.

What were your favorites this week?

Update: I posted this last night and this morning I woke up to beautiful clear skies and amazing sunshine! Woohoo!

Ode to the Sniffles


So Dear and I have been sick in the head and throat since early Friday. I had to leave Bible Study early and he came home from work early on Friday morning.  Weird that this attacked us at the same time. We’ve been convalescing in the Condo since Friday. When we get sick in the head we always turn to the Chinese Take-Out for Hot and Sour Soup. It really clears the sinuses! On Saturday evening we got tired of raiding the refrigerator and were craving some salty, comfort, bad for you food. We called one of our favorite restaurants and ordered Onion Rings and The Cuban Sandwich with curly fries. (Thank goodness it’s not stomach flu) Here’s a poem about the flu written in 1919. Update: Dee commented wondering if this was written during the Great Flu Pandemic and it probably was as the Pandemic was between 1918 and 1919. Somewhere between 20-40 million people died.

The Flu ~ by J.P. Mcelvoy, 1919

When your back is broke and your eyes are blurred.
And your shin-bones knock and your tongue is furred,
And your tonsils squeak and your hair gets dry,
And youâre doggone sure that youâre going to die,
But youâre skeered you wonât and afraid you will,
Just drag to bed and have your chill;
And pray the Lord to see you through
For youâve got the Flu, boy,

Youâve got the Flu.

When your toes curl up and your belt goes flat,
And youâre twice as mean as a Thomas cat,
And life is a long and dismal curse,
And your food all tastes like a hard-boiled hearse,
When your lattice aches and your headâs abuzz
And nothing is as it ever was,
Here are my sad regrets to you,
Youâve got the Flu, boy,

Youâve got the Flu.

What is it like, this Spanish Flu?
Ask me, brother, for Iâve been through,
It is by Misery out of Despair,
It pulls your teeth and curls your hair,
It thins your blood and brays your bones
And fills your craw with moans and groans,
And sometimes, maybe, you get well —
Some call it Flu — I call it hell!

Hope your weekend is going better. Looking forward to a new healthier week! :0)

A Solo Walk and My Average Steps

Last Wednesday inspired by Sara’s Walks around Long Beach and other towns, I decided to have a little walk around downtown Ventura and see what I could see.


I love how inviting this Rose Arbor and Gated entry are to this cute little house.


It’s a good idea to look up in downtown Ventura. Along Main Street there are a lot of older buildings that have some unique architecture and designs.


I was drawn to this arched doorway and the unique designs.

The upper window caught my eye. I wonder what the room is like up there. It seems like it could be a great bedroom for Anne of Green Gables.


This Historic Landmark Home has been turned into a restaurant.

It’s too bad the elaborate Schiappapietra Mansion is no longer standing.


The Restaurant is called Landmark No. 78. The bougainvillea arbor entry is in all its glory!


This next place I walked had an area that was called China Alley. My interest was piqued so I did a little research.


China Alley Memorial

The Chinese settlers arrived in Ventura in the 1860’s. They were highly skilled farmers and designed the irrigation system for the area. Approximately 200 of these Chinese immigrants lived in China Alley, located in front of the Ventura Mission. The Ventura fire department provided insufficient protection for their wooden shacks from fire, so they formed their own fire brigade.  They were also known to lend their services for other fires in the community.

With this solo walk and my daily walks with Willow this week my average steps were 11,118! On the Wednesday that I did this Ventura walk I also walked with Willow so that was a 13,707 step day and the rest of the days we walked I had over 10,000 steps.

My goal is to try to get over 10,000 a day. Some weeks just don’t work out that great but I still plan to walk everyday. It’s good for us women to keep moving…

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and they have blacked them all out. I’m slowly working at restoring my posts without their help. Such a tiresome bother!

Brown Plate Special ~ Week 11

Well I’m happy to say that I was able to increase my activitiy this past week as my back got better day by day. When I stepped on the scale this morning I was down 1.4 pounds. Yippee! Overall for the 11 weeks I am down 6.2 pounds. I’m hoping to get my steps over 10,000 a day this week, Lord willing. I’m going to say again that for me besides the walking, not eating after 6:00 in the evening is key in this sensible plan. Have a wonderful week.

Brown Plate Special ~ Week 10

For the last 2 weeks I have been living a very non-active life due to my back issues. Well if I needed any proof that activity is vital in my life to keep weight off this was the proof. Over these 2 weeks I have gained 4.1 pounds. Yikes! The positive side of this is that from my beginning point I am still down 4.8 pounds.

I am finally able to walk with little pain so I have a good outlook for this week. Today I’m going to the Getty Villa with Willow and Sara another bloggy friend that I get to meet face to face for the first time. I’ll be taking lots of photos as usual so I hope to share them soon.

So I’m putting my pedometer back on and getting serious again. No more pampering myself because of my pain! Have a great day y’all…