Ode to the Sniffles


So Dear and I have been sick in the head and throat since early Friday. I had to leave Bible Study early and he came home from work early on Friday morning.  Weird that this attacked us at the same time. We’ve been convalescing in the Condo since Friday. When we get sick in the head we always turn to the Chinese Take-Out for Hot and Sour Soup. It really clears the sinuses! On Saturday evening we got tired of raiding the refrigerator and were craving some salty, comfort, bad for you food. We called one of our favorite restaurants and ordered Onion Rings and The Cuban Sandwich with curly fries. (Thank goodness it’s not stomach flu) Here’s a poem about the flu written in 1919. Update: Dee commented wondering if this was written during the Great Flu Pandemic and it probably was as the Pandemic was between 1918 and 1919. Somewhere between 20-40 million people died.

The Flu ~ by J.P. Mcelvoy, 1919

When your back is broke and your eyes are blurred.
And your shin-bones knock and your tongue is furred,
And your tonsils squeak and your hair gets dry,
And youâre doggone sure that youâre going to die,
But youâre skeered you wonât and afraid you will,
Just drag to bed and have your chill;
And pray the Lord to see you through
For youâve got the Flu, boy,

Youâve got the Flu.

When your toes curl up and your belt goes flat,
And youâre twice as mean as a Thomas cat,
And life is a long and dismal curse,
And your food all tastes like a hard-boiled hearse,
When your lattice aches and your headâs abuzz
And nothing is as it ever was,
Here are my sad regrets to you,
Youâve got the Flu, boy,

Youâve got the Flu.

What is it like, this Spanish Flu?
Ask me, brother, for Iâve been through,
It is by Misery out of Despair,
It pulls your teeth and curls your hair,
It thins your blood and brays your bones
And fills your craw with moans and groans,
And sometimes, maybe, you get well —
Some call it Flu — I call it hell!

Hope your weekend is going better. Looking forward to a new healthier week! :0)