In the Midst of Fog…

…there are still favorites. Things to be thankful for that shine through no matter what. I’m joining Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for Friday’s Fave Five.

Josh 002

1. January is a big birthday month at our house. Joshua’s birthday was on Sunday. We celebrated earlier in the month and the photo above was part of our celebration. Our Son Dan’s birthday was on the 16th and his girlfriend’s birthday was on the 15th. This year we celebrated Dan from afar while he celebrated in Eastern Washington. My brother Tim celebrated his birthday and our niece Hope will celebrate her birthday on Saturday. We love to celebrate our loved ones and that’s my first favorite this week.

icy 005Our son Dan and his girlfriend Jamie

2. My dear old pop has been having a hard time with a lot of shoulder pain and when he’s in so much pain he misses my mom even more. I was happy to see this photo of him with my niece Melissa enjoying a meal out and looking so alive and pain free. He has been feeling better and the pain with medication has been more manageable. I’m so thankful my father’s pain has been relieved.

Pop & Melissa

12th man 006

3. We’ve been in quite a foggy overcast pattern here in the Puget Sound area. The afternoons where the sun finally broke through were another favorite of mine this week.

12th man 005 4. An early morning walk with Dear on Saturday was a blessing. It’s always good to get out and get some exercise in the Winter when we tend to want to stay inside and be couch potatoes. We were treated to some Eagle sightings.


5. Another favorite is visiting my bloggy friends each week. This week one of my favorite posts was this one from Gumbo Lily. I love seeing how other people live in different environments than my own and thrive “Day by Day”.

What were your favorites this week?

Update: I posted this last night and this morning I woke up to beautiful clear skies and amazing sunshine! Woohoo!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “In the Midst of Fog…

  1. The eagle photo was great–they are amazing birds, aren’t they?
    I’m glad your dad’s pain is more manageable now and that he has his granddaughter there to help.
    Happy Birthday to all your family!

  2. So glad your dad is better…he looks great! We are having COLD weather this week…night lows in teens! We need some cold weather so I am not complaining. Thankful for a warm house! Hope you have a blessed weekend! 🙂

  3. That was a lovely post at Gumbo Lily’s…so very different a life from what I have. She writes beautifully of it and, of course, she would be eager for her daughters-in-law to love the life. Isn’t it good of God to place us just so?

    And you have had as good a January as I might imagine up there in the gray and fog. It certainly has a lot of color for the time of year. Wonderful to know that your father’s medication is really helping. Praise God!

  4. January birthdays are plentiful around our house too, your dad looks like such a sweet guy, I will be praying for continual relief of pain in his shoulder, and of his loneliness in missing his wife, I can relate as my Mom went through the same when my Dad passed!
    Lovely outdoor photos, I am hoping to get out this next week with my camera, for now we are hunkered down trying to stay warm ~smile~ Thank you for sharing,

  5. Aww – I feel for your Dad. I can only imagine how hard it would be to miss your loved one of so many years – even harder when you’re not feeling well. I’m lifting him up in prayer and so glad his pain is more manageable.

    Your Jan is like our August – full of birthdays! And another wee one on the way – it will be quite a month!!!

    Great picture of Dan and his girlfriend 🙂

    So glad the sun broke out for you – here’s hoping that fog lifts soon.

    Happy weekend Ellen xo

    PS – I don’t see your name on the FFF list – did you forget to sign up?

  6. How fun to have some birthday to brighten up January with! Neat photos!

    I feel for your dad. Glad he is getting some pain relief and has family there to be with.

    I love days or even moments of sunshine like that when it has been overcast for a while.

  7. Hi There! I wandered over from Monica’s blog!

    I love your photos, and that one of the eagle is so majestic. I live in the Midwest, and boy, is it cold and snowy. It’s good to see a clear sky again 🙂
    Happy birthday to your family members (the cake looks good!) and it’s so nice to meet you today! I hope your Dad feels better? I am going to a doctor on Monday for my shoulder pain.

    Getting old is not for the weak!
    Have a great weekend,

  8. All of the birthdays right after Christmas! You have such a beautiful family. Love the sepia picture with the cowboy props. Your Dad looks great. So glad he is feeling better. laurie

  9. How great it must be to see your dad improved–that’s a blessing. Glad to hear you arose to sunshine! Have a great week ahead.

  10. Wow, that’s a lot of birthdays to celebrate in one months ! Fortunately ours are spread over the whole year. Mr. G is a whole year long couch potato and I am a very reluctant one ! I have to go out, otherwise the ceiling drops on my head !

  11. I love early morning walks. The picture of your Dad and niece made me smile; the one of your son and his girlfriend looks so charming. And birthdays! The more, the merrier!

  12. Glad to hear your Dad’s pain was managed. He looks happy and great in that photo! Lots of celebrating going on in your house! Happy birthday to everyone. Getting out in the winter is a real blessing especially when there is sunshine and some milder weather.

  13. You rejoice when the sun comes out, I rejoice when the clouds come 🙂 We got a little teeny tiny bit of a sprinkle yesterday. It’s so lovely that your dad has loved ones coming by to enjoy his company and sweet smile.

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