Full of Thoughts…

In my college years which happened to be the late 60’s and early 70’s I bought this album to keep me organized in my thoughtfulness. Appropriately the album is called…

P1040773These sweet illustrations called to me back then. Remember Holly Hobbie?

morning trail5Each month has a page with a pocket and each day of the month is in a list form for you to add birthdays, anniversaries and other events.

P1040775I cherish this old album that is worn with age and use.

It’s time for me to go through that drawer in my desk…you know the one, where you throw everything in for future organization. I have wedding invitations and birth announcements and funeral leaflets to put into the appropriate month of the year pocket. These monthly pockets are wonderful now all these years later because so much has happened and I forget more and more about when these events took place. Each month I can flip the page and not only see who’s birthday and anniversary fall in that month but what year the event took place. Everything all in one book.

How do you keep organized when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Full of Thoughts…

  1. What a fun step back in time! It’s wild that you still have that! I think I may still have 1 or 2 Holly Hobby things around here in my memory chest. I used to LOVE Holly Hobby….and then I fell in love with Hobby Lobby, and everything just fell apart from there! 😉

    I keep birthdays and anniversaries on my Microsoft Outlook. Yes…I fell off the sentimental wagon in favor of technology.

  2. I do remember Holly Hobbie and had her sweet image on stationary cards and vases and a few other things as well. The 60-70s were such rough times historically but there she full of charm and grace in the middle of it all.
    That album and its purpose sound great.

  3. Oh yes, sweet Holly Hobbie! I just went thru y hope chest which is where I keep baby books, diplomas, old cards and letters, etc. Organized what I kept and threw away some things. I decided I just can’t keep it all! My kids will appreciate it when I die and they have to go thru everything! ha! ha!

  4. This will come as no surprise…I don’t. I had a Hallmark card organizer where one purchased cards ahead of time and had them addressed and ready as the date neared. This will come as no surprise either, most of the cards still sit waiting in the pockets. I do like that balloon idea, but I doubt that a dollar would fly today. =D

  5. That is so neat and sweet, Ellen. I didn’t know Holly Hobbie goes that far back… I have a Holly Hobbie Christmas stocking felt kit that I started for Miss Baby!!!

    Nowadays, I only remember birthdays of very close relations, and I still send out gifts and cards. I was a correspondence junkie in my college and pre-Miss Baby days, but I kind of fell out of that practice in this season of my life… I hope to pick it back up soon.

  6. How organised!
    I have a perpetual calendar onto which I write all the birthdays – it’s a help. I have a drawer full of cards that I buy as I see them, always with someone special in mind.

  7. I had a book like that and never used it. I just write the birthdays on my calendar instead. My mom in law though, loved her book like this and like yours, hers was well worn from use. She also put phone numbers by the name so she could call the person on their birthday or anniversary or special occasion.

  8. I do remember Holly Hobby, I am still trying to get my cards and dates organized, just can’t seem to find exactly what I need! I also have a drawer that need emptying! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I haven’t thought about Holly Hobbie in so many years! That is a cute album, and I would have loved it back in the day, too. I have used Google Calendar for several years now, actually creating several different “calendars” in Google Calendar, (my calendar, hubby’s calendar for biz travel, my elderly mom’s calendar for doctor appointments etc., birthdays/anniversaries). It works so well for me, and it also sends me a text message (if I want it to do so) in advance of any listings. These days, with my random memory, it has saved me so many times. 😉 Thanks for the HH memory!

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