God’s Artwork

I’m thankful for the beauty all around me. One morning this last week when I went out for a drive into town the Camry caught my attention.  The detail of the ice on the car was like beautiful artwork or carvings.

This Saturday morning we are already at 31 degrees but they are predicting a snow flurry this morning. Sunday and Monday are the warmest days this coming week but just above freezing. The rest of the week is at freezing and below. Hope our travelers do not have any problems coming over the Cascade mountain range.

We freshened up some rooms in our country bungalow and I’ll share some of those changes next week.

I’m itching to decorate for Christmas but I’ll hold off till after Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have a tip for you. I needed to send off some Thanksgiving cards to loved ones and popped into the Dollar Tree in Colville. Don’t forget that they have a nice variety of cards all the time and some are even 2 for a $1.00. That beats the $3.99 and up you have to pay elsewhere these days. Your welcome.

I’m attaching a few photos here just to keep up with family doings. Our grands are still enjoying time on the other side of the mountains at Uncle Josh and Auntie Lolo’s house. They are coming back home on Monday.

JJ is pulling himself up and standing and he’s so proud of himself.

Hi mommy, I can see you better from here.

New adventures await. Never a dull moment for his parents and sister! Soon he’ll be chasing Addy around.

Thank you, Auntie Lolo, for all these great photos you text us!

Sunlit Sunday~

I’m trying something new today. I’m joining in with My Little Home and Garden for her Sunlit Sunday Meme. Here are my offerings from a very cold walk about the yard on Saturday morning when our temps tried to make it out of the 20’s.

I love the sparkly effect the sun has on the snow.


We had a wonderful frost effect on anything that had moisture on it overnight.

There’s nothing like a dry sunny day after a snowfall!

Psalm 18:28 (ESV) ~

For it is you who light my lamp;
the Lord my God lightens my darkness.

Hope you all have a good productive week and that you enjoy God’s light in your part of the world.

Winter in His Heart of Gloom ~ Hymn

Winter in His Heart of Gloom

Winter in his heart of gloom
Sings the song of coming bloom:
So over death our souls shall sing
’Lays of the eternal spring.

Then decay shall be no more,
And, the weary seed time o’er,
All the dead in Christ shall rise
For the harvest of the skies.

Wheresoe’er the faithful sleep
Angels shall go forth to reap,
From the dust and ’neath the foam
They shall bring the harvest home.

Bodies of the saints, whose bones
Rest beneath sepulchral stones,
Or are lost on every wind,
All, those messengers shall find.

All from earth to Heaven shall soar
In that flesh which once they wore,
Deathless now and glorified,
Like their Lord and at His side.

This is life’s eternal spring!
This the coming joy we sing!
Look we ever toward this day,
Be it near or far away!

’Mid the sorrow and the strife
’Tis the music of our life,
And the song hath this refrain—
Our Redeemer comes again!

Words: Samuel J. Stone, 1866.

Our First Frosty Mornings…

We have had a cold spell in the Seattle area. It’s fun to see the frosty leaves in the morning.

Clear nights have meant colder days. I love the fact that the leaves are even falling on top of the full yard waste bin. The sun crowns the yard waste bin with a lovely glow…

This is going to be a full week filled with fun gatherings. Tuesday is my Women’s Bible Study morning.  We are meeting one of the Mennonite Girls and her husband in downtown Seattle on Wednesday. Thursday we have our small group here. On Friday we are heading across the line to another of the Mennonite Girls for a dinner party.  Hope you all have some fun gatherings to look forward to.

In this month of the Grace Challenge I’m thankful to God for friends and gatherings that encourage and bless us. Don’t miss today’s Grace Challenge post one of our Mennonite Girls is mentioned in it!

Lavender Hills Farm

Our company split up last Friday for the day. The guys went to a Putt Putt Golf course and the girls headed to Marysville to  Lavender Hills Farm. The girls made a stop on the way to the fields.


Frost Doughnuts made some good business off our company. I’m not mentioning the one person who had the most Frost Doughnuts but his initials are R.A.


My sister Kathy with her granddaughter Avery.


Melissa and Avery


Kathy, Melissa, Avery and Kelly


Melissa, Avery, Michelle, Laura, and Kathy


Miss Avery







A photo that bloggers everywhere can appreciate!



My DIL Laura and me


Cousins that are friends…it’s a beautiful thing.

On our way home we stopped for lunch at Three Cups of Tea in Bothell.

Hope you all have a good week ahead. I have some projects to accomplish before Dear has vacation next week.

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.



We had a very cold frosty morning in the 20’s and the frost hung around into the afternoon. Brrrrr…

My son and DIL delivered the tree and now all I have to do is put lights on and decorate it. It already smells more like Christmas around here with the tree in it’s place.

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.