May Growth

We are in the greening time of the year which also means it is mowing season.

Our red peonies are bursting forth and we’ll have many bouquets to enjoy.

I was sad to see one of our 90 foot trees is dying. You can see the one that looks brown. That tree will be coming down soon.

The buds on our White Peony. I really need to divide this plant up.

Our deep red peonies. We have 5 bushes of these.

Irises grow well here and grow wild and multiply!

We are ready for Memorial Day, Flag Day, The Fourth of July and more!

On Sunday we had some severe thunderstorms with gusts of wind, downpours of rain and hail, too. The noise of thunder and the flashes of lightning kept me awake from 2am on. We had some minor damage but nothing serious. We have never had storms this intense. Exciting to watch. They predict more excitement into Monday. The bonus is that I do not have to water for a few days. I had to mow twice last week things are growing so quickly. All of these photos were taken last Thursday and Saturday.

Happy Victoria Day to our neighbors North of us, O Canada!


Trees etc 005Because of plans for a driveway this great old tree had to go. This is also a very messy tree with the pine needles that cover everything on this side of the shop.

Trees etc 003

Trees etc 006We got a very good bid to chop the tree down and get rid of the branches leaving us with the larger tree cuts for fire wood. Even though the driveway will be a 2015 project we decided to take advantage of the good price we got for the job.

2014-06-02 pine treeMonday at ten the work began. I watched from a safe distance capturing the moment the tree was felled.

2014-06-02 pine tree2

2014-06-02 pine tree1Timber!

2014-06-02 pine tree3Now the wood chipper was put to work. They tried to talk me into keeping the chips. It’s just not easy to unload them. I just smiled and said they could keep the chips.

2014-06-02 pine tree4It was hard enough to move all the little logs to a central location. Dear is away until tomorrow so I got the wheel barrow out and got to work.

2014-06-02 pine tree5I got my heart rate up in no time flat.

2014-06-02 pine tree6We will miss the lovely tree view we had but we will enjoy finally having a paved driveway to our garage and no pine needles to clean up.

2014-06-02 pine tree7Another view of the before and after looking down what will eventually be a driveway. This tree team probably underbid this job so I rounded up the cash payment I gave them and will have them back again to grind the stump down before work commences on the driveway.

Dear has been in Chicago at another conference since last Friday and I’m looking forward to his return early on Tuesday. This is the last trip that we will take separately for the rest of the year, Lord willing. Dear and I have had enough time apart this year.

We are having a great stretch of dry days with highs into the 70’s. Perfect weather for me. How are things in your world?



We had a very cold frosty morning in the 20’s and the frost hung around into the afternoon. Brrrrr…

My son and DIL delivered the tree and now all I have to do is put lights on and decorate it. It already smells more like Christmas around here with the tree in it’s place.

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.