May Growth

We are in the greening time of the year which also means it is mowing season.

Our red peonies are bursting forth and we’ll have many bouquets to enjoy.

I was sad to see one of our 90 foot trees is dying. You can see the one that looks brown. That tree will be coming down soon.

The buds on our White Peony. I really need to divide this plant up.

Our deep red peonies. We have 5 bushes of these.

Irises grow well here and grow wild and multiply!

We are ready for Memorial Day, Flag Day, The Fourth of July and more!

On Sunday we had some severe thunderstorms with gusts of wind, downpours of rain and hail, too. The noise of thunder and the flashes of lightning kept me awake from 2am on. We had some minor damage but nothing serious. We have never had storms this intense. Exciting to watch. They predict more excitement into Monday. The bonus is that I do not have to water for a few days. I had to mow twice last week things are growing so quickly. All of these photos were taken last Thursday and Saturday.

Happy Victoria Day to our neighbors North of us, O Canada!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

19 thoughts on “May Growth

  1. Hello,
    Your plants are looking beautiful, so many buds. The storm sounds scary, glad you did not have serious damage. Take care, have a wonderful new week.

  2. Sorry to hear about the storm disruptions, Ellen. But your positive attitude shines through! Your garden is a true oasis of colors and life. The white peony buds are intriguing, and I hope you manage to divide the plant successfully. Thanks for sharing these delightful glimpses of your garden

  3. My dad and my brother both loved peonies. I think they are so beautiful. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen red ones!

  4. I love the red peonies! I had a small bush of red and for some reason it died out. No buds for the last several years. Your gardens are beautiful!

  5. Your yards are beautiful, Ellen! We’ve had excessive rain this spring and cool weather so everything is just now beginning to bloom, but I know a dry hot summer is ahead so I am not complaining. We bought an electric lawn mower this year and love it! It is so much lighter than our old gas mower and practically self-propelled. The batteries hold a long charge.

  6. Seeing your peonies make me impatient for mine to bloom. Storms seem to have been a part of the spring season. I hope they are over.

  7. You have so much space in your yard so the clumps of peonies are able to grow freely and produce wonderful displays. I enjoy seeing the tall fir trees. They are a lovely green backdrop.

  8. Looking lovely over there! Missing my peonies and might have to make a spot to transplant some here at my city house.

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