God’s Artwork

I’m thankful for the beauty all around me. One morning this last week when I went out for a drive into town the Camry caught my attention.  The detail of the ice on the car was like beautiful artwork or carvings.

This Saturday morning we are already at 31 degrees but they are predicting a snow flurry this morning. Sunday and Monday are the warmest days this coming week but just above freezing. The rest of the week is at freezing and below. Hope our travelers do not have any problems coming over the Cascade mountain range.

We freshened up some rooms in our country bungalow and I’ll share some of those changes next week.

I’m itching to decorate for Christmas but I’ll hold off till after Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have a tip for you. I needed to send off some Thanksgiving cards to loved ones and popped into the Dollar Tree in Colville. Don’t forget that they have a nice variety of cards all the time and some are even 2 for a $1.00. That beats the $3.99 and up you have to pay elsewhere these days. Your welcome.

I’m attaching a few photos here just to keep up with family doings. Our grands are still enjoying time on the other side of the mountains at Uncle Josh and Auntie Lolo’s house. They are coming back home on Monday.

JJ is pulling himself up and standing and he’s so proud of himself.

Hi mommy, I can see you better from here.

New adventures await. Never a dull moment for his parents and sister! Soon he’ll be chasing Addy around.

Thank you, Auntie Lolo, for all these great photos you text us!

Watch Your Step…

15894538_10211789411759035_1305461421566904195_nWe have been experiencing freezing temperatures at this old house. This next photo is our frozen deck and we need to walk very carefully on or we’ll land on our backside.

misc-stuff-019It’s about 26 feet from our deck doors to our garage so when the ice is thick and slick on the deck we’ll circumvent the deck altogether and walk around from our front door to the garage to be extra safe. This next photo shows the length of the deck we walk daily although this photo was taken in early Spring.

overgrown yard 035

15871461_10211801064250340_6812811793242974831_nI took this photo of this frozen fountain yesterday. It is outside one of our favorite garden shops to visit especially for their after Christmas sales. The fountain is for sale, not on sale, for $3999. I wonder if you get the ice at that price?

misc-stuff-001Our kids in Eastern Washington have been having temperatures in the minus -5 degree range. I’m glad I bought our little one who is busy gaining weight in her mom’s womb this snow suit that she should fit into during next winter. Justifying purchases for her has begun already. This was 1/3 it’s original cost so the justification came easy.

Dear is about to install a new piece of equipment that our internet provider sent us to upgrade our unit that they say is way out of date. I might not be able to be on the internet for a while. I do hope all goes well and we are back up with no headache problems with the installation. Hope you have a wonderful day free of any internet issues! Blessings…

Snow & Ice

We are having a cold snap here in the Pacific Northwest. As I type we are creeping up to 30 degrees. Yesterday it snowed and this is what we woke up to. Overnight everything froze so we are walking and driving gingerly trying not to skid or slip.

The only footprints that appeared on our deck during the day yesterday were Dear’s. I stayed in for the day but ventured out in the evening to our church to prepare and deliver a meal to the homeless in downtown Seattle with our small group. More about that in another post.

All my snow shots were taken from various doors in our home that I opened just long enough to snap away. This was a wet snow so the streets did not stay white with snow for long but the grass kept it’s new white cover all day and into today.

Chopper 7 even came to the neighborhood to do a report on the snow. The interesting thing was that we had snow at our house but just one mile down the road there was no snow. Snow is always a very big story here in the Seattle area. Today ice is the culprit in our neighborhood. I watched the kids walking to school slip and slide down the street. Most of them managed to stay upright!

I’m still having a bit of a challenge remembering what day of the week it is after all our holiday fun. I think next week will be better in that regard. How are you doing?