Watch Your Step…

15894538_10211789411759035_1305461421566904195_nWe have been experiencing freezing temperatures at this old house. This next photo is our frozen deck and we need to walk very carefully on or we’ll land on our backside.

misc-stuff-019It’s about 26 feet from our deck doors to our garage so when the ice is thick and slick on the deck we’ll circumvent the deck altogether and walk around from our front door to the garage to be extra safe. This next photo shows the length of the deck we walk daily although this photo was taken in early Spring.

overgrown yard 035

15871461_10211801064250340_6812811793242974831_nI took this photo of this frozen fountain yesterday. It is outside one of our favorite garden shops to visit especially for their after Christmas sales. The fountain is for sale, not on sale, for $3999. I wonder if you get the ice at that price?

misc-stuff-001Our kids in Eastern Washington have been having temperatures in the minus -5 degree range. I’m glad I bought our little one who is busy gaining weight in her mom’s womb this snow suit that she should fit into during next winter. Justifying purchases for her has begun already. This was 1/3 it’s original cost so the justification came easy.

Dear is about to install a new piece of equipment that our internet provider sent us to upgrade our unit that they say is way out of date. I might not be able to be on the internet for a while. I do hope all goes well and we are back up with no headache problems with the installation. Hope you have a wonderful day free of any internet issues! Blessings…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

8 thoughts on “Watch Your Step…

  1. Adorable snowsuit!! and being the child’s “Grandmom” or what name will you use? is all the justification you need to buy whatever, whenever!! 😉 😉

  2. Oh the fun you are going to have shopping for your coming granddaughter. That is a cute snowsuit. Have you tried a macro shot of the frost on your deck? It has the most beautiful patterns. I can highly recommend some grips for your shoes. I put some on mine a few weeks ago and haven’t taken them off yet.

  3. Oh I love the snowsuit – what fun!!!! Yes, be careful on the icy deck – we are having very stormy weather over here. Roads are horrid and sometimes zero visibility. I’m starting to get cabin fever I think – lol!

  4. Awww…buying gifts for future (and present) grandbabies is so much fun…splurge all you want! I had fun shopping on Zulily when my first granddaughter was born. That is a Seattle based online sale company and they have such cute things at reasonable prices–they change selections every day so it’s always tempting to shop with them.

    Be careful with the ice!

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