First Five…

My first Five on Friday, Friday’s Fave Five, and Foodie Friday and Everything Else for 2017.


I saw and bought this delightful looking book because of it’s cover. Who could resist the inviting illustrations?


I bought it for just over $2.00 at Goodwill.


Part One: Childhood, Part Two: Country Life, Part Three: Pepperidge Farm, Part Four: Cooking From Antique Cookbooks, Part Five: Ireland.


There are great stories, recipes and illustrations throughout the book. Dear has been reading segments to me that he has found to be interesting and entertaining about the history of Pepperidge Farms.  Here’s a quote from the end of the Foreword, “Few things are more rewarding to a woman than that happy feeling she has when she knows that the food she has prepared with love and interest brings pleasure to her family, served in a setting more important than any glamorous restaurant-dinner at home!”

This last photo I’m sharing is of my youngest sister with my dear old Pop on Christmas Eve. My mom would be pleased he thought to put a red shirt on. His shirt pocket has envelopes filled with a little cash for his kids, grandkids, and great grands. He’s not interested in having any money left in his accounts when he heads to heaven!

15826451_10211921836227141_5474083746652498658_nIt’s safe to say my Pop has no treasures stored up on this earth but his Bible, the chair he loves and his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Thank you to Amy, Susanne and Michael Lee for hosting these Friday memes.

My Dear hooked up our new equipment from Xfinity to replace our old slow equipment and I’m so happy that everything is working great and all went smoothly. Hooray! You all know the tension when the good ole internet does not function properly for bloggers! Happy weekend to all of you.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

37 thoughts on “First Five…

  1. Great illustrations and a steal for two bucks. I had a dear friend in his 80s who was still working with his sons in the construction business. I reminded him that when he died the armor truck wasn’t going to follow the hearse to the cemetery. We all enter life with nothing and leave the same way.

  2. They say you can’t judge a good by its cover, but I don’t believe it and often buy one just because of the cover. The same is true when it comes to wine labels.

  3. Your Pop has the right idea. Better to have treasures stored up in heaven than down here on earth.
    Nice photo!!
    Great book and love the illustrations.

  4. Your Dad has the exact right idea. The book looks like fun…. but I can’t collect any more — my new books are all on Kindle. (The Mennonite Girls cookbook looks great on my Kindle Fire btw!.) . Happy New Year to all!

  5. I always love when you talk about your Pop. He is a treasure himself!

    On a much smaller scale, your new-to-you cookbook is a treasure. I like the passage that you quoted as well as those charming illustrations. (I can’t help but notice how things have changed.)

    I’m glad your internet situation was taken care of quickly. Indeed I do know the angst that a blogger feels without her internet service!

  6. Happy and Healthy New Year, Ellen! This is a wonderful looking cookbook. I’m sure everyone is now looking for a copy in their local used bookstore or online. Your dad has the right idea–his treasures and blessings are his family. Glad the internet is working better for you–a slow network can be so frustrating.

  7. What a legacy your dad will leave and what a heritage you all enjoy. He looks dashing in his red shirt!

    Your book proves that sometimes one can judge a book by its cover. It is totally charming!

  8. A useful book beautifully illustrated. I like it that Dear finds snippets of interest to read to you.
    Your father looks very smart in his red shirt and comfy in his chair.

  9. That book cover is gorgeous, and what neat illustrations and information inside! Sounds like your Pop has a good philosophy of life. Glad your Internet is working again. Funny how we have become so dependent on it – I get very frustrated when mine is down for any reason.

  10. oh wow! that book is a treasure!!! i really need/want to start perusing old bookstores!

    what a wonderful pic of your dear dad and sister. my dad is in a nursing home now due to de,emtia and sadly all his life savings is going toward his care. 😢 but..he is a born again Christian who still loves to sing the old hymns and he is just waiting to go meet my mom and his Savior! 😀
    happy weekend!!!

  11. Your Dad definitely has the right idea. He won’t be taking it with him so surely better for him to see the kids enjoying things now then after he’s gone. Lovely book. Have a good weekend.

  12. I’d have to say you’re wrong! Pop has ALL THE TREASURES on earth that anyone needs! He’s blessed beyond measure to have his Bible, his chair, and his family. I am IN LOVE with that book. Old cookbooks with stories and bonus….illustrations….are my fave! I might be a tiny bit jealous of it! Enjoy it and so glad you shared Five on Friday!

    Cindy Bee

  13. That cookbook is so beautiful! Your Pop is such a treasure and I like how he thinks! BTW I like your new header! So glad your internet is working – that is so stressful. Happy weekend to you too Ellen!

  14. What an amzing treasure you found for $2!
    Thank you for sharing your sister’s photo with your dad. He truly knows what is important!

  15. Hello Ellen and Happy New Year to you!
    I would have bought that beautiful book too – the illustrations alone inspire me.
    Your dear Pop looks well and happy and good on him for wearing his special red shirt!
    Shane x

  16. Hi Ellen, I’ve hopped over via Love Made My Home. What a charming book, just the sort I wouldn’t be able to pass by, I love the quote about feeding the family. I think it’s true: we put so much love into the meals we cook for our families and that’s why it’s so hurtful when they don’t eat it! Happy New Year to you and yours. x

  17. Hello, the cookbook is a great find and what a great deal. I like the illustrations. The photo of your Pop and sister is a treasure. I wish you a happy New Year too. Happy weekend to you!

  18. The illustrations in the cookbook are just delightful! Love the picture of your Pop and your younger sister. He sounds like a very special, wonderful man. Hope you have a wonderful new year!

  19. Hi Ellen, Sorry to be behind with commenting. I adore the photo of your Pop; you saying your Mom would be proud of him wearing the red shirt reminds me of late grandpa who always wore red for Christmas. I adore that cookbook. What a great find at a bargain price. Most of the time at thrift stores, I am drawn to a book because of the cover. I collect cookbooks from thrift stores, day trips etc and enjoy looking at them at night before bed. Always a joy to visit with you. Thank you for your visits to my blog. Good night.

  20. What a great photo of your pop and your sister!

    Enjoy your treasure from the Goodwill. It’s so fun to discover something a bargain!

  21. Now that is one interesting and beautifully illustrated book. I love that quote from it because it perfectly describes how I feel. What a sweet pic of your pop and sister. What a giving man he is!

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