Snow & Ice

We are having a cold snap here in the Pacific Northwest. As I type we are creeping up to 30 degrees. Yesterday it snowed and this is what we woke up to. Overnight everything froze so we are walking and driving gingerly trying not to skid or slip.

The only footprints that appeared on our deck during the day yesterday were Dear’s. I stayed in for the day but ventured out in the evening to our church to prepare and deliver a meal to the homeless in downtown Seattle with our small group. More about that in another post.

All my snow shots were taken from various doors in our home that I opened just long enough to snap away. This was a wet snow so the streets did not stay white with snow for long but the grass kept it’s new white cover all day and into today.

Chopper 7 even came to the neighborhood to do a report on the snow. The interesting thing was that we had snow at our house but just one mile down the road there was no snow. Snow is always a very big story here in the Seattle area. Today ice is the culprit in our neighborhood. I watched the kids walking to school slip and slide down the street. Most of them managed to stay upright!

I’m still having a bit of a challenge remembering what day of the week it is after all our holiday fun. I think next week will be better in that regard. How are you doing?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “Snow & Ice

  1. Can’t tell if you were pleased or would have been just as happy for it to stay away. I do have some gals that way who’ve been praying for snow. I see that they need to live very close to you if that was going to happen. =D

  2. Oh, so I guess the idea of making a snowball for me isn’t that much fun “-(. I seem to forget that with the snow comes the freezing cold. We too are having a cold snap and I don’t think I can remember a colder winter. It must be global warming “-O.
    Be safe Ellen B!!!
    xoxo cori g.

  3. Brrrrrr, that looks really cold! I’m cold enough as it is here with my wimpy soCal 50 degrees. The wind is really icy! Your snow is beautiful though, it does have a magic all its own.

  4. We almost always have ice under our snow so I can relate. So weird that you have snow and we’re in the 60’s today…(NOT NORMAL). I am still so totally confused on what day of the week it is since the holidays. I thought about opening my windows for a bit today to air the house out before the cold returns tomorrow. Hope you have a good weekend!

  5. After moving to the west coast from Alberta, the thing I couldn’t get used to, was how WET the snow is here. In Alberta, it’s so much colder, and the snow is drier. But out here, if you slip and trail your sleeve in the snow, it gets sopped. The snow does look pretty though, with all the conifers and mtns. in the background.

  6. I have no choice but to remember the days now that classes are back in session sadly. You may be gratified to know that it was 37 degrees this morning and more of same is expected this weekend. However, the farmers aren’t happy about it.

  7. No snow on the south Island, but it is cold. The roads are icy in the early morning, but warm up and dry early in the afternoon. It’s been a warm winter so far and I wouldn’t be disappointed if it remained so!

  8. You got some good shots by just cracking your door open! Sounds like you’re staying inside during this cold snap. It’s been uncommonly mild here with rain melting most of the snow. I actually like it better when it’s colder – frozen – and a nice covering of snow. I think it’s healthier for everyone that way. We’ve been having strange winters of late.
    Going back to work has jolted me back to what day it is!! Still have a few decorations to clean up today. Have a great weekend and stay warm.

  9. I think your snows are coming our way. Yesterday we got a very little, but it’s snowing and blowing quite a bit here today, but it’s really cold (4*) and with the wind it’s super-cold. We’ll go out to feed the livestock, but otherwise, I think I’ll build a fire and read or stitch.

  10. I love snow but not when it’s wet and then freezes. It was gorgeous here today. Enough to be melting some of the snow on the streets over the last few days which is great on the main drags but side streets are a skating rink since whatever melts refreezes over night.

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