S is for Snail’s Pace or Full Speed Ahead!

Before I move on to ABC Wednesday, The American Sniper DVD Giveaway winner is announced here.

I’m adding some sunshiny photos from my walk yesterday east of Seattle at Juanita Bay Park that have nothing to do with snails or speed!

Life at this old house is speeding ahead and moving slow at the same time…

Our son’s wedding is just 40 days away. Things are speeding ahead with all the plans and things that need to get done before that day. We are headed to Eastern Washington soon to wrap up some things we need to do for the wedding.

Dear’s last day at his current job is on May 29th. That seems to be moving at a snail’s pace along with the prospects of his next job. The company that bought Dear’s company decided to let his department go. Dear has been at his last conference for this employer in New Orleans and the time he is away has moved at a snail’s pace. There is a possible job out there that needs results from some trials that seem to be moving slowly for us, too. Time will tell if we need to speed up the job hunt process.

The road ahead for us is in the hands of our creator. “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever” Psalm 23:6 (NKJV)

My soft food diet is moving ahead at a snail’s pace as far as I’m concerned. I really enjoy biting into things that need some good chewing. But…I am very thankful for the ease of this procedure I had before our insurance runs out.

I’m past the speedy part of dropping pounds in my de-fluffing program. Now the pounds will continue to drop off but at a snail’s pace. So…I still need to count out the chips to have with salsa that I allow myself to enjoy at our weekly date at the local Mexican dive. Sad but true, chips will have to wait for a little while longer until my mouth completely heals but I can eat the salsa!

I’m ready to sink my teeth into something like this next dish.

In the meantime this could be included in my soft diet…Sangria!

Lots of the letter S in this recipe!

Sooner than I know and a few days before the wedding I will leave my fasting time behind and embrace the feasting time that a wedding celebration brings. After the wedding we will have family staying on for some vacation time at our home and my sister’s home in the Seattle area. That will be a time of feasting and celebrating, too.

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We Interrupt the Program…

…to show you this!

Vancouver & Snow 065

When it snows in the Seattle area it takes precedence over everything. Everyone talks about it. The newscasters can’t get enough mileage out of it.

Vancouver & Snow 082

I’ve been watching the younger kids throwing snow at each other already and the older kids adults with cars try to spin wheelies in it.

Vancouver & Snow 072

I won’t be going anywhere today. Katie and I are pretty beat from our round trip to Vancouver B.C. yesterday, anyway. I’ll share all about that on another day because…it SNOWED, and in Seattle when it snows that’s all we talk about!

Vancouver & Snow 077

Vancouver & Snow 073

Just a few more snow shots to share and then I’m going to head to the kitchen to make Lovella’s Cranberry Coconut Loaf.

Vancouver & Snow 079Snow on Rosemary…the bush.

Vancouver & Snow 075I’m kicking myself because I didn’t fill the bird feeder before the snow.

Vancouver & Snow 067For me the best place to be when it snows is inside looking out of my warm and cozy spot to see the wet cold snow.

Vancouver & Snow 081I’m almost done…

Vancouver & Snow 071Hope you have a wonderful Friday everyone. You know where you can find me.

Vancouver & Snow 066I’m inside enjoying the outside views of our December snow!

Vancouver & Snow 083

How about you? Do you like to be out in the snow or do you become a recluse when it snows?

Snow & Ice

We are having a cold snap here in the Pacific Northwest. As I type we are creeping up to 30 degrees. Yesterday it snowed and this is what we woke up to. Overnight everything froze so we are walking and driving gingerly trying not to skid or slip.

The only footprints that appeared on our deck during the day yesterday were Dear’s. I stayed in for the day but ventured out in the evening to our church to prepare and deliver a meal to the homeless in downtown Seattle with our small group. More about that in another post.

All my snow shots were taken from various doors in our home that I opened just long enough to snap away. This was a wet snow so the streets did not stay white with snow for long but the grass kept it’s new white cover all day and into today.

Chopper 7 even came to the neighborhood to do a report on the snow. The interesting thing was that we had snow at our house but just one mile down the road there was no snow. Snow is always a very big story here in the Seattle area. Today ice is the culprit in our neighborhood. I watched the kids walking to school slip and slide down the street. Most of them managed to stay upright!

I’m still having a bit of a challenge remembering what day of the week it is after all our holiday fun. I think next week will be better in that regard. How are you doing?