2016 January-June in Mosaics…

2016-01-24-sat-morn-s8January: Dear started a consulting job from home. We celebrated January birthdays. A business trip to San Francisco with reunions with old friends from my college days.

2016-02-11-february-plants-and-food6February: Our Lenten Rose bloomed early. We had a Superbowl party with a Chinese New Year theme with souvenirs I bought at San Francisco’s Chinatown. We also enjoyed a Valentines day lunch with a view in Bellevue.

2016-03-18-van-23March: We had a sister’s weekend. We celebrated my Medicare birthday in Bellingham with the Mennonite Girls and our hubbies. Dear and I had an overnight in Vancouver, B.C. to continue celebrating my birthday. Katie and Andrew celebrated their 5th anniversary!

2016-03-27-easter-20164Easter landed at the end of March and deserved it’s own mosaic. Our family was all together. Kulich baking, Seerney Paska, Easter egg hunts and Raclette all happened during Easter weekend.

2016-04-28-trolley-tourApril: We took a quick trip to Eastern Washington to work on some projects at Dan and Jamie’s. Late in the month I went along with Dear on a business trip to San Antonio, Texas. While there I drove to Austin to meet up with my brother’s family for a few hours.

2016-05-13-bow-edison5May: Mother’s day with the kids on this side of the mountains. Dear and I took a road trip to Whatcom Falls and on the way home enjoyed stopping at a restaurant on Chuckanut Drive for lunch.

2016-05-31-rosella4May: Two trips across the line to Canada to meet our play writer and later to meet a favorite blogger who gives so much encouragement to us Mennonite Girls, Rosella.

2016-06-05-more-of-ellie2June: I flew down to be with family and enjoy my sister’s open house in her new digs.

mohai65June: A trip to Leavenworth where our family and our new daughter in law’s family enjoyed a weekend together eating and river rafting.

2016-06-19-fathers-day-20167June: Father’s day brunch downtown Seattle with a photo op on Queen Anne Hill overlooking downtown Seattle.

2016-06-24-yosemite-2June: We finished off June with a road trip to Yellowstone National Park and Cody Wyoming with stays in Montana coming and going. June really was packed full!

Six full months of blessings with people we love and trips to places we had never seen before. I’ll share July to December later. Dear’s consulting job ended in June and we began our time of wondering if we were unemployed or if we were retired.

How are you spending the last days of 2016? We are planning a little get together on New Year’s Eve after the Peach Bowl between our Washington Huskies and Alabama. We are the underdogs and will be cheering our Dawgs on to victory. Time will tell. Win or lose we will ring in the New Year with gratefulness to God for all He has done this year in our lives and the lives of our friends and family.

Monday Mural and Signs

Because we got in the car and traveled to places we’ve never been to before and because I saw some cool murals while on the trip I’m linking up to the Monday Mural Meme hosted by Oakland Daily Photo. And because we saw some cool signs along with these murals I’ll be linking later this week to signs, signs hosted by Lesley.

yosemite to Cody 126

This mural is on the side of the former Seidel’s Saddlery across the street from the famous Irma Hotel named for Buffalo Bill Cody’s daughter Irma.

yosemite to Cody 125

yosemite to Cody 127

When we left Cody, Wyoming and traveled some country roads headed to Butte, Montana we passed another mural just before we traveled through Joliet, Montana.

Cody to Butte 089

Cody to Butte 090

Monday in the Seattle area is starting a bit gloomy with some drizzles. So far our Spring was more summer like than our summer is showing. Time will tell what the rest of the summer holds for us. How are things in your corner of the world? Since today is 7/11 are you going to go and claim your free Slurpee?

M and W Barns

The barns I’m sharing today are taken along the roads in Montana and Wyoming that we chose to get to and from Yellowstone National Park the end of June.


yellowstone day one 024

yellowstone day one 023

yellowstone day one 022

The Speed limit on Interstate 90 in Montana gets as high as 80mph so I’m happy my photos are not blurrier.

Cody to Butte 091

Cody to Butte 087




Thank you to Tom The Backroads Traveller for the Barn Collective. Click over to see barns from other parts of the world.

Our youngest kids are still working on moving out of this old house. They spent their first night there last night. Since their new apartment is quite small a lot of their stuff will remain here. They have the tough job of weeding through the stuff to decide what they really need for this next stage in their life and then organizing the remaining stuff so we can isolate it in one area instead of spread out around the house. Small problems in this world of woe.

Do you still have some of your married kids stuff at your house?

Montana Signs…

On our road trip to Yellowstone we got low on gas in an area where there were several exits with “no services”, oops! We finally found an exit with a small 4 pump station across the street from the one convenience store in the very small town of Alberton.


As we headed back to the freeway we passed the town’s tavern. I didn’t notice the coffins until I uploaded the photo. I’ve never seen that before.

P1060414Our stop for the night was Missoula, Montana and we saw this sign in the historic downtown area.


13501991_10209913594064765_3327110481924091448_nWhile walking in downtown Missoula we saw a bicycle riding Missoula ambassador who had maps and information about the downtown area. Isn’t that a nice idea? We flagged him down and asked about where we might enjoy a refreshing brew and where we could later enjoy a steak. He mentioned one restaurant called The Depot and then when we found the spot he recommended for a brew the proprietor there recommended the same restaurant for steak to us.

Road Trip Montana

The local brew at The Dram Shop was refreshing and our Steak and Panko Veggies at The Depot were very good.

I’m linking up to signs, signs with Lesley.

Today is Wednesday. I have to remind myself of what day of the week it is after a Monday holiday. How about you? The forecast is saying this is the nicest day weather wise this week so you’ll find us out in the yard doing some work.


On the Road to Yellowstone…

yellowstone day one 046

On our last minute road trip to Yellowstone National Park we saw lots of fences and ranch gateways. My photos are mostly from the road speeding along in the state of Montana. We traveled across the state of Washington, Idaho and Montana to get to Yellowstone through the Northwest Gate and into Wyoming.

yellowstone day one 045

yellowstone day one 042

yellowstone day one 039

Yep…those are camels behind this fence.

And here’s our privacy fence getting ready for the 4th of July celebration!

I’m linking up to Good Fences #119 hosted by TexWisGirl at Run A Round Ranch Report.

Day #1 Roadtrip Postcards


We left home while it was still dark and headed east over the Cascade Mountain Range and then through Central and Eastern Washington on Interstate 90.


We entered Idaho at Post Falls with a quick stop at Cabela’s for some binoculars.


We then entered Montana just past Lookout Point. We were on empty at this point and hoped we’d find an exit that didn’t say “no services”. We made it to a small town with a couple pumps and added a few gallons before our stop in Missoula for a fill up at Costco and a stop for the night.


Missoula County Court House, Missoula, Montana.

We’ll hit the road early again tomorrow to reach Yellowstone National Park.

We are enjoying one of Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache mysteries on cd as we drive along. A very pleasant way to make the time fly on the road!