Cheyenne to Billings and Home

Wrapping up our Land That We Love Tour with this post. On Saturday October 9th after we left Cheyenne we headed north on Interstate 25 with a cruise through Casper Wyoming ending up in Billings, Montana for the night.

It was a 455 mile drive. We filled up at Jerry’s Interstate Gas Station in Casper for $3.989. One of the highest priced gasoline on our trip. When we got to Billings we filled up the tank again at Costco for $3.149. On Sunday October 10th, on our last stretch to our home we bought gas again in Missoula at Costco for $3.299 and finally at our usual gasoline stop in Spokane, Washington at Costco for $3.489. Our drive from Billings to our home on Sunday was 609 miles. We originally planned to stop in Wallace, Idaho overnight on Sunday and drive the last stretch home on Monday the 11th of October but we were so ready to be home again we cancelled our night and headed straight home.

Here’s what we saw on our drive on Saturday October 9th.

Jackalope of Wyoming


After Casper I probably drove so photos ceased.

We arrived in Billings, filled up with gas at Costco, checked into Fairfield by Marriott for the night at $159.68. We freshened up and had one of the best dinners on our trip and I wrote a post about it here.

On Sunday early morning we packed up for the last leg of our journey home.

We made it home before dark and turned the heat back up and had a relaxing evening.

We are talking about where we should road trip next, Lord willing. Time will tell where and when. Thanks for following along with us. We do Love the USA and pray God will have mercy on our Homeland.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Cheyenne to Billings and Home

  1. Hello,
    Beautiful views from your road trip. The rainbows are a treat to see. I am looking forward to a road trip, some where. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend!

  2. Your trip was well documented! You did an excellent job sharing with your photographs and descriptions, as well as with the details about gas, food, lodging, etc. Thanks for taking us along! “We” saw and learned so much! Can’t wait to see where “our” next trip will be . . .

  3. I enjoyed your photos! The price of gas was high during your trip, but I think gas goes up in summer as demand increases. The last time we filled up here at Costco it was $2.85.
    We’ve driven through Wyoming a few times once south to north and once east to west to visit. Cody will always be a highlight, as we saw our first rodeo there, but all the beautiful national parks were the “best of all” highlights.

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