Embracing the good ole American way by laboring on Labor Day Weekend. Happy Labor Day to the U.S. of A. and to our Canadian neighbors!

Pictures23The beginning of the project on this side of the house involved cutting down a great old juniper tree that was being used as a ladder for racoons to get on our roof. This is probably the best photo I could find of the vertical siding that Dear has slowly been changing out for horizontal siding.

2012-01-021This was the beginning of the siding project.

Pictures25This is a photo of I took on Sunday after church, the day after the work began on the siding. Katie, Andrew and I said goodbye to Dear and we went to a World Concern Food Truck event to raise money to feed the hungry around the world. We promised Dear we’d bring him home a treat from one of the food trucks.


Food TrucksWe arrived at the Crista Campus in Shoreline, Washington for the food truck event. Now we had to choose which truck to order from.

Food Trucks2Katie and Andrew chose the Cheese Wizard and had some gourmet cheese sandwiches that they raved about.

Food Trucks1I had the Cod tacos from another truck. I didn’t take a photo of the crepe we shared for dessert with fresh strawberries and lemon curd.

For Dear I chose a Shawarhma sandwich wrapped in pita bread. When we got home Dear had made a lot of progress.

Siding 003

Siding 007This was the stopping point for Sunday. Dear will continue laboring on Monday. The area above the large header board and flashing will be filled with shingles, like the shingles you can almost see on the peak above the large window.

P1010564Are you laboring, camping, or just taking it easy this last long weekend of summer?

Gathering Moments ~ Hidden August

For my August Gathering Moments – a month in photos post I decided to share what didn’t make it on the blog already. Linking with Cheryl at Thinking About Home on Saturday.

2014-08-29 August recap3Glimpses of the unfinished bathroom. We hope this project will be completed soon.

2014-08-29 August recap1We purchased some new patio furniture that does not involve cushions. I also wanted some chairs that rock and roll. We are pleased with these pieces.

2014-08-29 August recapIt’s been a nice relaxing time for Dear and I to watch more of Inspector Morse after visiting Oxford in July. We put the dvd’s on hold at the library and as they slowly become available we watch them. I’ve also been reading the Louise Penny Inspector Gamache series and just finished How the Light Gets In…so riveting. Now I’m splurging and ordering the new book that was just published this week because there are already too many holds on it at the library. In the meantime I checked out Surprised By Oxford from the library. It’s a Memoir written by Carolyn Weber. Here’s one of many praises for the book , “Carolyn Weber’s brilliantly written account of her conversion to Christianity at Oxford will inspire her fellow believers and provide intriguing food for thought for sceptics. It is honest, entertaining, and refreshingly free of superficial cant. I warmly commend it. Don N. Johnson, Senior Pastor, Montecito Covenant Church.

2014-08-24 Kt's 10yr + foodKatie and Andrew had fun dressing up to attend Katie’s 10 year high school reunion. They enjoyed their time in downtown Seattle last Friday.

2012-01-021I forgot to take a before before photo (yes, I did mean to say before twice) of this part of the house but then I found an obscure photo from the winter. Dear took the vertical siding off this part of the house and will be replacing it with the horizontal siding you see on the other side of the chimney. He’s out there working right now while I type away. This might be interesting to Vee’s John who is the master of siding.

2014-08-29 August recap2We had to move a few of the rounds of wood from the part of our yard closest to the street when we realized someone was helping themselves to our wood. To make sure most of the wood didn’t go to a thief we invited the boy scouts to take what was left to split and use for a fund raiser. Look at that early sign of fall appearing on our dried out summer lawn. The last of the purple in the yard is still hanging on.

The new siding project will be taking most of our time this weekend. I am thinking of stealing Dear away from that project to go to a Food Truck event at World Concern here in the Seattle area for lunch on Sunday after church. Our Daughter In law works at World Concern.

What’s better than spending a Sunday afternoon enjoying delicious food from Seattle’s favorite food trucks? Knowing that you’re helping feed hungry families at the same time! Worldwide, hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined, but with your help, World Concern makes a lasting impact in the lives of the poor in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Haiti.
On Sunday, August 31 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., 10 of Seattle’s top food trucks will rally to fight global hunger at World Concern’s 3rd annual Mobile Food Fight for Hunger in Shoreline.

The very best thing about August is how it has brought our families together. The State of Washington is now the home of all our children. We have received the beautiful photos of my brother’s family bringing their new son home from the Ukraine. Mandy and Andrew arrived in Dallas this afternoon to the waiting arms of my brother (papa as Andrew lovingly calls him) and Big sister Hope. Oh what a happy day!

Free Them 5K

On Saturday we met up with some of our small group to participate in World Concern’s Free Them 5K, helping build awareness of the worldwide problem with human trafficking.

This year the participants numbered over 2000.

Our son’s company was a large contributor and had a tent on campus with a giveaway. We were sad that Josh could not participate in person this year because of a recreational soccer injury he received earlier in the week that has had him home having to stay off his feet.

Another successful 5K/10K and hopefully our DIL Laura will have a more restful week now that this major responsibility is complete. After the walk Dear and I stopped by Chipotle to order some takeout food to deliver to our injured son and a meal for our DIL to enjoy once she got home from all her responsibilities at the 5K.

Today we are back in a rainy pattern here in the Pacific Northwest. It was fun to get phone calls from my kids one after another today to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. Flowers showed up at my door today, too.

On another note I got a lead on a high school kid who is trying to earn money for a mission trip so I might get some help with the yard work. I’m happy to pay well for someone earning money for missions. I only have 3 things on my calendar this week…woohoo. How about you?

And That’s A Wrap!

Another busy day for Lovella and this time Kathy is joining her for an morning interview on Global BC News . Click on the link to see the interview.

Steve Darling will be interviewing them on the 9-10 am hour. Lovella has been on a nonstop schedule for more than a couple weeks now and I’d just like to ask for some prayer for her especially as the week winds down with this interview. So if you are a person of prayer that would be really appreciated.

Anneliese and Lovella just got back from Toronto where they had an interview on 100 Huntley Street that will be aired today. Click on the link to see the interview.

All the B.C. girls were also busy last night doing a presentation at Sardis Fellowship Baptist for their Spring Tea.

I’ve had it easy this week for sure compared to the rest of the girls. But I am missing stuff like this…

I keep looking on the kitchen counter to see if someone left platters of food out for me. These platters were from our Sunday evening Faspa last weekend at Lovella’s where lo and behold these old gals showed up again…

We’re going to have to find out who keeps tipping them off as to where we are celebrating!!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

Today I’m headed to a WOW luncheon at my church where I get to hear an old friend from my first church in the Seattle area. She’s speaking on Laughter and Gratitude. Tomorrow Dear and I are participating in  World Concern’s Free them 5K to help raise awareness about Human Trafficking. Our DIL is part of a team that has worked tirelessly this week to make this event a success.

Hope your weekend is filled with laughter and gratitude!!

Free Them 5K!

We joined our son’s team Axia Home Loans Lynnwood to walk against human trafficking. World Concern in Seattle sponsored the event.

This is part of our Northshore Baptist group. Notice the sun glasses? We are in a wonderful stretch of sunny days here in the Seattle area. We were all a little befuddled from all the sunshine we were in on Saturday!

This event has really grown from year to year and our daughter in law was busy helping coordinate it all week long. Thankfully there were lots of volunteers to help things run more smoothly. Human trafficking is a troubling worldwide problem and events like these raise awareness and money to help fight it!

Our sunny day activities continued on after our morning walk and I’ll share more later. Today I’m linking this post with Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

Good Thing it Snowed…

…cuz I’ve got nothing else for you.


I’m in a blogging slump of sorts. Moving on…

One look outside this morning and I knew where I would be.


I’m holed up inside away from the slush, hibernating in my den.

We are waiting on a part for our fireplace insert that died which makes this weather seem even colder. We have been congregating in our family room where our little stove is working and keeping that room warm.


These photos were taken before the sun was up.


Dear did make it out early this morning and reports he only had one trouble spot on the way to work. Later in the morning Katie braved the roads to go into work to train some people to do her job. She gets points for overcoming her snow driving fears. I still might get brave enough to make a trip to the post office and library. Time will tell. For more weighty matters…

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Our DIL works at World Concern and if you want a trustworthy place to donate money for the work in Haiti check them out. They have been working there for years and were there when the earthquake struck and are still there helping to rebuild homes and lives. World Concern in Haiti.

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

Ruby Tuesday ~ Start to Finish!

Time to visit Mary at Work of the Poet to join in on some Ruby Tuesday Fun!


On Saturday morning I arrived at the Crista Campus in Seattle to join with over a thousand people for a 5K fun run/walk to raise money and awareness about Human Trafficking. The “Free Them 5K” started on the campus and took us on a route through the neighborhoods surrounding the campus. Crista’s motto is “Loving God and Serving People”. There are 7 different ministries at Crista (maybe more) Our DIL is a part of World Concern Organization that works to relieve suffering around the world. They’ve had an ongoing ministry in Haiti and other impoverished areas. This walk was sponsored by World Concern.


Josh and his BIL ran the 5K. I joined my DIL’s mother and SIL to walk the 5K. Laura (my DIL) worked the event. We had a great time for a great cause.

The building in the first photo was designed by Daniel R. Huntington and built in 1913-14 as part of the Firland Tuberculosis Hospital. It is now used as an administration building.

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

Free Them 5K!


World Concern in Seattle sponsored a 5K Walk/Run to help raise money to stop human trafficking. Our DIL Laura works for this organization. We got together for this worthwhile event. This is a photo of us at the finish line. Our son Josh and Scott (Laura’s brother) ran the 5K. Laura’s mother Pat, her SIL Lisa (with child), the doggie Mylie sp.? and I walked the 3.3 mile route. Laura worked the event and then cheered us across the finish line.

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

I’m posting early this week so I hope I don’t confuse anyone into thinking it’s Friday already…

Time for Friday’s Fave Five again! Visit the lovely Susanne at Living to Tell the Story to join in with this fun exercise.


#1 & #2

~ Saturday was a double date day! In the morning Dear and I walked at our favorite beach at dawn and then in the early evening we went to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate a belated 35th Anniversary dinner. Our Anniversary is December 6th but Dear and I were in different parts of the country on that day so we decided to celebrate this past Saturday.


It’s no secret that the enjoyment of food is big in my life. My mother has never driven a car and she has never worked outside the home. She put her energy and time into her love language which was cooking food for us and others. We always had people over growing up to share meals with us. I never worried about bringing home an unexpected guest because there would always be enough food for all. Our family was in the lowest middle income class but my parents always found money to put food on the table and shoes on our feet. I’ve inherited the love of food and being around a table.

All of that to say that I experienced a wonderful Prime Rib dinner on Saturday with an amazing fig and orange souffle for dessert! Yum…


What a fun sky we saw here on Tuesday night! Dear was out BBQ’ing and he called me outside and said “You’ve got to see these great clouds” I grabbed my camera and headed out and clicked away! The clouds were like little cotton balls.



Oh dear me…I bought some more dishes. They were just so much fun and they met my criteria of being made in England. I’m thinking it will be fun coming up with a Valentine day dinner using these red checked dishes! Thrift store shopping and finding dishes at a bargain are always fun for me and a favorite!


A Bonus Favorite: I love how people always come together after a disastor to help their fellow human beings. For all of us who feel so bad about what has happened in the Island Nation of Haiti don’t forget or hesitate to send some money their way using a reputable/tried and true organization like World Concern, or Samaritan’s Purse just to name a couple who have proven their integrity in getting relief where it’s needed. A little from all of us adds up…

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.