Gathering Moments ~ Hidden August

For my August Gathering Moments – a month in photos post I decided to share what didn’t make it on the blog already. Linking with Cheryl at Thinking About Home on Saturday.

2014-08-29 August recap3Glimpses of the unfinished bathroom. We hope this project will be completed soon.

2014-08-29 August recap1We purchased some new patio furniture that does not involve cushions. I also wanted some chairs that rock and roll. We are pleased with these pieces.

2014-08-29 August recapIt’s been a nice relaxing time for Dear and I to watch more of Inspector Morse after visiting Oxford in July. We put the dvd’s on hold at the library and as they slowly become available we watch them. I’ve also been reading the Louise Penny Inspector Gamache series and just finished How the Light Gets In…so riveting. Now I’m splurging and ordering the new book that was just published this week because there are already too many holds on it at the library. In the meantime I checked out Surprised By Oxford from the library. It’s a Memoir written by Carolyn Weber. Here’s one of many praises for the book , “Carolyn Weber’s brilliantly written account of her conversion to Christianity at Oxford will inspire her fellow believers and provide intriguing food for thought for sceptics. It is honest, entertaining, and refreshingly free of superficial cant. I warmly commend it. Don N. Johnson, Senior Pastor, Montecito Covenant Church.

2014-08-24 Kt's 10yr + foodKatie and Andrew had fun dressing up to attend Katie’s 10 year high school reunion. They enjoyed their time in downtown Seattle last Friday.

2012-01-021I forgot to take a before before photo (yes, I did mean to say before twice) of this part of the house but then I found an obscure photo from the winter. Dear took the vertical siding off this part of the house and will be replacing it with the horizontal siding you see on the other side of the chimney. He’s out there working right now while I type away. This might be interesting to Vee’s John who is the master of siding.

2014-08-29 August recap2We had to move a few of the rounds of wood from the part of our yard closest to the street when we realized someone was helping themselves to our wood. To make sure most of the wood didn’t go to a thief we invited the boy scouts to take what was left to split and use for a fund raiser. Look at that early sign of fall appearing on our dried out summer lawn. The last of the purple in the yard is still hanging on.

The new siding project will be taking most of our time this weekend. I am thinking of stealing Dear away from that project to go to a Food Truck event at World Concern here in the Seattle area for lunch on Sunday after church. Our Daughter In law works at World Concern.

What’s better than spending a Sunday afternoon enjoying delicious food from Seattle’s favorite food trucks? Knowing that you’re helping feed hungry families at the same time! Worldwide, hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined, but with your help, World Concern makes a lasting impact in the lives of the poor in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Haiti.
On Sunday, August 31 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., 10 of Seattle’s top food trucks will rally to fight global hunger at World Concern’s 3rd annual Mobile Food Fight for Hunger in Shoreline.

The very best thing about August is how it has brought our families together. The State of Washington is now the home of all our children. We have received the beautiful photos of my brother’s family bringing their new son home from the Ukraine. Mandy and Andrew arrived in Dallas this afternoon to the waiting arms of my brother (papa as Andrew lovingly calls him) and Big sister Hope. Oh what a happy day!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

8 thoughts on “Gathering Moments ~ Hidden August

  1. It’s looking good! John says that he is no master at siding, but he enjoyed seeing the project and likes the horizontal siding and color a lot. So do I!

    It is a very good month when the family is all together in the same state again.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your month in pictures, Ellen!! It’s been a busy month for you, hasn’t it…but a good kind of busy! You have accomplished a lot around the house, and you’ve had exciting happenings in your family circle…your daughter and son-in-law’s return to Washington and a new nephew for starters!

    I think it is always a good thing to reflect and see God’s hand! Thanks for linking up! (Or at least, planning to link up…as soon as the hostess gets it together! 😉 )

  3. Lot’s of good things happened in the month of August. (The bathroom reno’s aside…though I am sure that will be a good things as well once all is said and done!). Happy that you have all your family close to home…and that your brother has his complete family under his wings as well. Great pic’s of Katie & Andrew.

  4. The peek into your bathroom reno looks beautiful! It’s so wonderful to see Katie and Andrew – they look so happy and it must be so nice to have them near to you again! Your Dear sure is a handy man. Must check out Inspector Morse and your book selections! Here’s to September ….

  5. It looks like a lot of good things went on during your month. It’s amazing when we look back how much happens in one single month. IT looks like we all are noting a touch of fall in the air.

  6. I know how it is when you have projects around the home to do and they seem to take forever to get completed. Your new patio furniture looks great. So glad you family is all together in one state again. Everyone looks so happy.

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