Bourton on the Water

I must keep moving along with my England travels before Fall is upon us!

Day 8 of our English holiday was a travel day with stops in Bourton on the Water and Gloucester. I ran ahead showing the outside of Gloucester Cathedral before showing you our first stop which was “Venice of the Cotswolds”.

Bourton-Gloucester 002

Bourton-Gloucester 004

Bourton-Gloucester 010

Bourton-Gloucester 012

Bourton-Gloucester 015

Bourton-Gloucester 018

Bourton-Gloucester 007

Bourton-Gloucester 022

Bourton-Gloucester 014

Bourton-Gloucester 013It was a charming little village to stroll through. We did indulge in a treat from “Bakery on the Water”.  So many wonderful baked goods to choose from. On our way back to the car park we strolled by Birdland and I saw a bird I had never seen before in person.

Bourton-Gloucester 027A Stork!

Here we are at the start of Labor Day Weekend. Dear will be home earlier than usual today to beat the traffic. Our plans as usual are to labor on this weekend. It’s so American don’t you think? Dear has started a siding project. The weather does not sound like it wants to cooperate with this outdoor project. I’m throwing a hunk of meat in the oven for sandwiches to last us for the weekend projects. For those of you that kind of keep up with the goings on at this old house I wanted to let you know that the bathroom is not completed yet. It’s usable but needs the last cosmetic touches and boo boos fixed.  I really do hope that I have a completed bathroom to show by the end of next week!

Have a wonderful long weekend! Are you laboring, too, or are you taking it easy?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “Bourton on the Water

  1. Enjoy your weekend of labor, Ellen. It’s always such a great feeling when so much gets done. But take a few breaks too and enjoy. Hope the weather behaves. I could try to send some heat and sunshine your way . . . if only that would work!

  2. Hope that you are paying for the job and not by the hour. I now have two blogging buddies praying for completed bathroom projects.

    Yes, it is an American thing to labor over Labor Day…no big BBQ plans and the weather would not cooperate if we did. I will see the grands, though, and that’s a good thing.

    May you have a happy siding project and may the weather behave!

  3. What a sweet village! How long were you able to stay and poke around in the little shops? And was anyone fishing in the canal?
    Fixing boo boos in construction is so maddening!

    • Jill, the canal is actually quite shallow. The ducks could touch bottom. Too funny. We did not see anyone fishing. We went into a couple shops. Bought a very English Advent Calendar at the Christmas shop.

  4. That looks like some of the villages we visited while in England…built along the water channel with the loveliest old bridges. Enjoy those sandwiches as you labour on this holiday weekend!

  5. I’ve always been fascinated by cities that have these canals and waterways even though I’ve never visited them. Do they smell fishy at all? They sure look picturesque. I would stop at the Bakery too, I’ve got a sweet tooth. Cool looking shot of the stork.

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