And That’s A Wrap!

Another busy day for Lovella and this time Kathy is joining her for an morning interview on Global BC News . Click on the link to see the interview.

Steve Darling will be interviewing them on the 9-10 am hour. Lovella has been on a nonstop schedule for more than a couple weeks now and I’d just like to ask for some prayer for her especially as the week winds down with this interview. So if you are a person of prayer that would be really appreciated.

Anneliese and Lovella just got back from Toronto where they had an interview on 100 Huntley Street that will be aired today. Click on the link to see the interview.

All the B.C. girls were also busy last night doing a presentation at Sardis Fellowship Baptist for their Spring Tea.

I’ve had it easy this week for sure compared to the rest of the girls. But I am missing stuff like this…

I keep looking on the kitchen counter to see if someone left platters of food out for me. These platters were from our Sunday evening Faspa last weekend at Lovella’s where lo and behold these old gals showed up again…

We’re going to have to find out who keeps tipping them off as to where we are celebrating!!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

Today I’m headed to a WOW luncheon at my church where I get to hear an old friend from my first church in the Seattle area. She’s speaking on Laughter and Gratitude. Tomorrow Dear and I are participating in  World Concern’s Free them 5K to help raise awareness about Human Trafficking. Our DIL is part of a team that has worked tirelessly this week to make this event a success.

Hope your weekend is filled with laughter and gratitude!!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “And That’s A Wrap!

  1. Prayer is a wonderful way to support and uplift!
    Hope you have a great weekend as this tour guide skips St. Andrew’s Wesley for once but NEXT WEEKEND we enjoy The Right Reverend Dr. Gary Paterson, Moderator of the United Church of Canada.
    Ladies hope you all have a Very Happy Mother’s Day!

    Gordon Fraser
    Vancouver, BC

  2. it’s great that you are supporting the cause to bring awareness to Human Trafficking. Our daughter’s friend from Saskatchewan was the only Canadian on a team of 30 women that climbed to the base camp at Mount Everest also to bring awareness to this worthy cause.

  3. If I could I would bring you a huge plate of goodies – you absolutely deserve that!!! What a whirlwind week you’ve all had! Sounds like you’re still going strong too. I watched 100 Huntley Street with many tears. It was so very sincere and full of grace – what an amazing witness you all are! I also just saw Lovella and Kathy’s interview on the BC news channel and was once more amazed and inspired – what a delightful interview!
    All the best to you Ellen – keep laughing and gracious. Happy, Happy Mum’s day to a wonderful Mom that you are!

  4. That was a terrific interview. Praying that Lovella and Anneliese and all you busy Mennonite Gals will have times of refreshing over and over again.

  5. I enjoyed watching that interview. Everything the interviewer said about the book is so true – I’ve read it cover to cover. For cookbook addicts, this is a must-read!

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