Magazine Swap

Isn’t it fun to get a package in the mail with magazines you don’t usually see in your corner of the world? Lorrie at Fabric Paper Thread paired off people who were interested in swapping magazines and I received my name and exchanged addresses with Cornish Cream (Elizabethd). She received the magazines I sent and a few days later I received my package all the way from the Cornwall region in England.


On our September 2013 trip to England with our son Josh and DIL Laura we enjoyed a few days in the Cornwall area which is in the southwestern peninsula of England. It has the longest continuous stretch of coastline in Britain and is one of the sunniest areas in England. We enjoyed our time there staying in Porthtowan. Here are some photos from our time.

St. Ives sunny 215

St. Ives sunny 212

St. Ives sunny 134

St. Ives sunny 038

St. Ives sunny 200

2013-09-18 St4


And of course we had to have some Cornish Cream!

You live in a beautiful part of our world Elizabethd of Cornish Cream! Thank you so much for the magazines!

I’m going on a short plane trip this Saturday returning on Sunday and I’ll have some time on my own in my hotel room on Saturday night. I’m looking forward to enjoying my magazines.

What are you doing this weekend?

Before They’re Lost…

One of my favorite experiences of 2013 was our trip to Jolly Old England. Here are some photos that our son and daughter in law took that I’ve just downloaded. I’m tying up some loose ends before I move full bore ahead into 2014!J & L's England 002Setting up the SatNav for our trip to the Manchester United Soccer game in Manchester, England. J & L's England 004At the Emma Bridgewater Factory store. Can you see Josh inside? J & L's England 009Interesting Road signs. J & L's England 020Stratford Upon Avon J & L's England 027Small grocers in Chipping Campden. J & L's England 040St. James Church in Chipping Campden

J & L's England 034-001

J & L's England 053Wells Cathedral and reflection at the Bishop’s Palace Grounds

J & L's England 056

photo (1)The Bishop’s Close in Wells

photo (2)The west coast of Cornwall

J & L's England 108Josh and Laura managed to get a photo of our great tour guide in London. He really made the tour a highlight of ours with all his knowledge.

I got to write 2014 on a check today. Katie and I had our hair done and her red hair is more vibrant and my grey hairs are covered up. She’s heading to California this weekend to spend some time with her cousins. She’ll get to visit Disneyland before all the Christmas decorations are taken down. She’ll also be able to visit my dear old pop. Dear mentioned that he gets 2 Mondays this week and 2 Fridays. Makes for a bit of disorientation on what day of the week it really is. How are you managing with Christmas and New Year’s landing on Wednesdays?

November Note Cards

It’s time for Vee’s November Note Card Party.

I love Vee’s post for this party…so nice and perfect for this Thanksgiving month. Mine is not so much on that vein but I am thankful nevertheless.

We had a party in November to honor a special English friend who offered up his parents home in Cornwall to Josh, Laura, Dear and me during our trip to England in September of this year. For my note party I’m sharing some of my favorites from our time in Porthtowan, Cornwall, England. First a collage from our Pub Night to say thank you to Gabriel.

2013-11-10 Pub Night4

And now four images from the beautiful land we were fortunate to experience just a short time ago.

St. Ives sunny 215

St. Ives sunny 208

St. Ives sunny 200

St. Ives sunny 222

Looking forward to seeing more posts inspired by Vee’s Note Card Party this month.  Thank you for visiting here and leaving a comment. I’ll be by soon!

Porthtowan, Cornwall, England

2013-09-18 St11

We stopped at Blue and had a pint with a beautiful view of Porthtowan beach before we headed out on a hike up the beach trail. This will be a photo overload post.

St. Ives sunny 169

St. Ives sunny 174

St. Ives sunny 175

St. Ives sunny 179

St. Ives sunny 182

St. Ives sunny 183

St. Ives sunny 188

St. Ives sunny 194

St. Ives sunny 196One and three quarter miles SW of St Agnes, Cornwall.
Named in Dines as Great Wheal Charlotte, there is a wide area of barren ground which appears to consist mostly of old mine waste material. The area overlooks the sea and is popular with walkers, it is easily reached by an old trackway from the nearby coast road or via the coastal footpath network.

St. Ives sunny 198

St. Ives sunny 200

St. Ives sunny 201

St. Ives sunny 203

St. Ives sunny 204

St. Ives sunny 205

St. Ives sunny 208

St. Ives sunny 212

St. Ives sunny 213

St. Ives sunny 215

St. Ives sunny 217

St. Ives sunny 222

Back to our car parked at Blue and home for some leftover Chicken Noodle soup. The wonderful end to a day filled with beautiful views of God’s creation.

On Sunday we are having our friend from Porthtowan whose parent’s home we stayed in while we were in Cornwall over for a meal. Our meal might just have something to do with Jolly Old England…

What are your plans for this weekend. Do any of you get Monday off for Veteran’s Day, Remembrance Day, Armistice Day?

Steep and Crumbling…

We had a very nice scenic ride from St. Ives back to Porthtowan along the coastal cliffs. We stopped along the way to peek over the cliffs to the sea.

2013-09-18 St10

It was very windy and I tried to capture how the wind was whipping the grass and bending it over.

St. Ives sunny 137

St. Ives sunny 133

St. Ives sunny 134

St. Ives sunny 136Did I mention it was windy?

St. Ives sunny 143

St. Ives sunny 145

St. Ives sunny 149

St. Ives sunny 112

St. Ives sunny 113

St. Ives sunny 115

Later when we finally reached Porthtowan we had a little something to stave off our dehydration and then we took a nice hike along the cliffs.

I am happy to announce that my little sewing projects are now completed. I even managed to dig out my MIL’s old sewing box and use some of her bias tape (she had about 50 packages from Penny’s for 6 cents each) to do a couple extra projects. Oh I’m looking forward to showing you all the fun things we have going for our time here on Sunday. I hope when I finally show and tell it’s not anti-climactic.

I almost forgot…head over to Mennonite Girls Can Cook today to see my Butter Pecan Pumpkin Squares. Yum…

The Road to Porthtowan

After we finished at the Bishop’s Palace we traveled on the M-5 and A-30 south and  found our way to the home we would be staying at in Porthtowan with the help of our SatNav Jeeves.  It was a rough day of traveling because of a steady downpour of rain. The kind of rain that even the windshield wipers can’t manage. We sighed in relief while we unpacked the car and then made our way to the Tesco in Redruth for supplies for dinner and breakfast. We would be staying in Cornwall for three nights.

St. Ives sunny 226The view from our front porch was so calming and lovely.

St. Ives sunny 227

After our trip to the grocery store we came back to the house and Josh made us a a wonderful pot of chicken soup. It was a nice change to eat a homemade meal and to have a kitchen at our disposal.


So happy to eat this bowl of goodness after our long day that I didn’t even stage it for the photo.  This was Tuesday September 17th. On Wednesday we had a new adventure that would give us views of the Celtic Sea…

I’ll leave you with a tease…

St. Ives sunny 004

Back here in the Pacific Northwest we really had a rainy windy day here on Saturday. The leaves were blowing around with a vengeance. Most of our leafy trees are now bare which means our yard is full of leaves. The apple tree is still hanging on to it’s leaves and will be the last to let them go. The next dry spell here will be a fall clean up day at this old house. What’s happening the first full week of November at your place?