Steep and Crumbling…

We had a very nice scenic ride from St. Ives back to Porthtowan along the coastal cliffs. We stopped along the way to peek over the cliffs to the sea.

2013-09-18 St10

It was very windy and I tried to capture how the wind was whipping the grass and bending it over.

St. Ives sunny 137

St. Ives sunny 133

St. Ives sunny 134

St. Ives sunny 136Did I mention it was windy?

St. Ives sunny 143

St. Ives sunny 145

St. Ives sunny 149

St. Ives sunny 112

St. Ives sunny 113

St. Ives sunny 115

Later when we finally reached Porthtowan we had a little something to stave off our dehydration and then we took a nice hike along the cliffs.

I am happy to announce that my little sewing projects are now completed. I even managed to dig out my MIL’s old sewing box and use some of her bias tape (she had about 50 packages from Penny’s for 6 cents each) to do a couple extra projects. Oh I’m looking forward to showing you all the fun things we have going for our time here on Sunday. I hope when I finally show and tell it’s not anti-climactic.

I almost forgot…head over to Mennonite Girls Can Cook today to see my Butter Pecan Pumpkin Squares. Yum…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

8 thoughts on “Steep and Crumbling…

  1. That does look like quite a bit of wind, Ellen!!!
    I will definitely be making that recipe as I have some pecans I need to use up before I buy a new bag.

    AND — I wonder, you might turn into a quilter / sew-er if you aren’t careful. I can’t say I have successfully sewn with bias tapes!!!

  2. Gorgeous photos of St. Ives and environs. Love the photo of you holding your daughter in your hand! I pinned that recipe from MGCC – looks delicious. Have fun being mysterious!

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