St. Ives Deux…

2013-09-18 St4

It was such a beautiful warm day in St. Ives and I took so many photos. I mentioned in my previous post that the tide was out when we arrived.

2013-09-18 St22013-09-18 St9

2013-09-18 St3

2013-09-18 St6

2013-09-18 St7

2013-09-18 St5We enjoyed seeing some residences that peaked our curiosity.

St. Ives sunny 089I have never read any novels by Daphne Du Maurier. Have you?

St. Ives sunny 038

St. Ives sunny 025

St. Ives sunny 090The tide started rolling in while we took a stroll around the town.

2013-09-18 St8We followed the cobbled and narrow streets back to the train station with one last view of the tide that had rolled in.

St. Ives sunny 103

St. Ives sunny 106

St. Ives is the last stop on this line so as soon as the train comes in and empties it reverses it’s course to the north…

When we made it back to our car Jeeves took us on a sea cliff route back to Porthtowen via Portreath. We stopped along the way and enjoyed some wind whipped views of the sea on high.

Back here in the Northwest we put our sewing mojo to the test and Katie and I managed to thread a bobbin and thread the sewing machine so that it actually sewed a nice zig zag on the project I’m attempting. The first step was cutting the fabric into 14 inch squares that worked nicely with a rotary cutter and cutting board. We had to stop at a sewing store so I could buy some thread that was not of the cheap variety I was using. Have I mentioned in the past that my dear mom and older sisters did the sewing in my family and I was actually kicked out of my sewing class in Junior High…oye.  Well that doesn’t mean I can’t complete some sewing projects of the simple variety… I’ll be sharing soon.

I talked to my dear old pop today and he was quite pleased with some chicken wings he managed to make. He marinated them, browned them on the stove top and then finished them off in the oven. He said they were delicious. He’s managing with his cooking like I’m managing with my sewing projects.  My pop never had to cook all his 70 years of marriage except for barbecuing meat.

Do you have a sewing machine? Do you sew? Did your mother sew for you?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “St. Ives Deux…

  1. Your pictures are so beautiful and I really want to go there someday!!! So glad your pop is managing and trying new things. I have a fairly new sewing machine and every time I want to start a new project, I usually have to get out the manual – especially for the threading part! I learned in home economics class many moons ago and enjoy my occasional sewing spurts. Have finished a few quilting projects in recent years and hope to do another one this winter. Can’t wait to see what you are sewing…..

  2. You ask the best questions! A. Yes, I read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier many moons ago. I remember liking it. B. I made a skirt in home-ec and almost gave up on the zipper. I’ve not put in a zipper since. C. I can sew a straight seam and have made curtains and Halloween costumes. Plus some easy machine quilting projects. Emphasis on EASY. D. My Mom loved to sew. I have memories of her sewing late at night (likely the only time she had to really lose herself in a project).

    finally: bless your Dad’s heart. My father makes himself breakfast for dinner a lot. It works for him 🙂

    I love your photos.

    • Hi Susan!
      My mom sewed late into the night, too. I was going through my Mother in laws sewing box yesterday and she had about 15 packaged zippers of varying sizes…made a chill run up my spine! 🙂
      I think I’ll put a du Maurier book on hold at the library…
      Thank you!

  3. Yes, Yes and Yes. About sewing though… I have to be in the mood. When I am, I can sew for days and then that is usually it until another notion hits!
    Your Dad…bless him. He is reminding me of my own Dad who took up making jam and what not all after my Mom passed away.
    I wonder.. will there ever be a plaque that says…”we” were there?

  4. Lovely St. Ives! I do have a sewing machine and know how to sew, but it’s been hiding in the back of my closet for years. My mom never sewed for us 5 kids, but my grandmother (her mom) would make outfits for all of us when we were little. She also made my mother’s and aunt’s clothing up to and including their wedding gowns. I can sew if I put my mind to it. One sister does quite a lot of sewing.

  5. Yes, I enjoyed du Maurier in high school. You should try her.
    Thanks for the trip to St. Ives – lovely.
    I only sew on buttons and the like. Shameful, I suppose, but I wasn’t interested in sewing as I grew up. Would rather be working outside on the farm.
    God bless your dad. He forges ahead. That’s great.
    I enjoy your blog every day though I rarely comment……….Thanks.
    Farm Gal in VA

    • Hello Farm Gal! Thanks for leaving a comment. Glad to hear you enjoy my blog. I think I’m also one who would more enjoy working outside than sewing…

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