Magazine Swap

Isn’t it fun to get a package in the mail with magazines you don’t usually see in your corner of the world? Lorrie at Fabric Paper Thread paired off people who were interested in swapping magazines and I received my name and exchanged addresses with Cornish Cream (Elizabethd). She received the magazines I sent and a few days later I received my package all the way from the Cornwall region in England.


On our September 2013 trip to England with our son Josh and DIL Laura we enjoyed a few days in the Cornwall area which is in the southwestern peninsula of England. It has the longest continuous stretch of coastline in Britain and is one of the sunniest areas in England. We enjoyed our time there staying in Porthtowan. Here are some photos from our time.

St. Ives sunny 215

St. Ives sunny 212

St. Ives sunny 134

St. Ives sunny 038

St. Ives sunny 200

2013-09-18 St4


And of course we had to have some Cornish Cream!

You live in a beautiful part of our world Elizabethd of Cornish Cream! Thank you so much for the magazines!

I’m going on a short plane trip this Saturday returning on Sunday and I’ll have some time on my own in my hotel room on Saturday night. I’m looking forward to enjoying my magazines.

What are you doing this weekend?

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13 thoughts on “Magazine Swap

  1. How fun is this….looks like a great magazine.
    Have fun on your “get away” and get a cup or two of hot tea while you read thru your great magazine…:)

  2. That photo of you “holding” your your daughter-in-law is so cute. I have wanted to visit Cornwall ever since reading Shellseekers.

  3. I haven’t made it to Cornwall yet, but like all of Britain and Scotland that I have seen, it looks beautiful. A magazine swap sounds like lots of fun to me, as I enjoy picking up magazines while I travel just to see what types of changes there are in other versions of similar publications compared to the U.S. Versions.

  4. I love looking at magazines from other countries – my first look at them was when we were in Australia back in the 1970’s – Ikept that woman’s magazine for a long time afterwards as it had great recipes (once I’d figured out what “capsicum” was)

  5. Oh, I don’t think I’ve ever had cornish cream but with that jelly it sure looks good! How nice for you to have this connection from your recent trip. Enjoy your trip and the magazines.

  6. When I eventually visit England, Cornwall is high on the list of places to explore. Great photos, Ellen, and I’m glad to see your magazines arrived so promptly.

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