The Road to Porthtowan

After we finished at the Bishop’s Palace we traveled on the M-5 and A-30 south and  found our way to the home we would be staying at in Porthtowan with the help of our SatNav Jeeves.  It was a rough day of traveling because of a steady downpour of rain. The kind of rain that even the windshield wipers can’t manage. We sighed in relief while we unpacked the car and then made our way to the Tesco in Redruth for supplies for dinner and breakfast. We would be staying in Cornwall for three nights.

St. Ives sunny 226The view from our front porch was so calming and lovely.

St. Ives sunny 227

After our trip to the grocery store we came back to the house and Josh made us a a wonderful pot of chicken soup. It was a nice change to eat a homemade meal and to have a kitchen at our disposal.


So happy to eat this bowl of goodness after our long day that I didn’t even stage it for the photo.  This was Tuesday September 17th. On Wednesday we had a new adventure that would give us views of the Celtic Sea…

I’ll leave you with a tease…

St. Ives sunny 004

Back here in the Pacific Northwest we really had a rainy windy day here on Saturday. The leaves were blowing around with a vengeance. Most of our leafy trees are now bare which means our yard is full of leaves. The apple tree is still hanging on to it’s leaves and will be the last to let them go. The next dry spell here will be a fall clean up day at this old house. What’s happening the first full week of November at your place?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

6 thoughts on “The Road to Porthtowan

    • Vee, I zoomed way way out for this and I suspected it was a tee-pee but I never got close enough to verify. If you look at the first photo from the porch, this teepee was way out beyond the two brown hedge rows…

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