Before They’re Lost…

One of my favorite experiences of 2013 was our trip to Jolly Old England. Here are some photos that our son and daughter in law took that I’ve just downloaded. I’m tying up some loose ends before I move full bore ahead into 2014!J & L's England 002Setting up the SatNav for our trip to the Manchester United Soccer game in Manchester, England. J & L's England 004At the Emma Bridgewater Factory store. Can you see Josh inside? J & L's England 009Interesting Road signs. J & L's England 020Stratford Upon Avon J & L's England 027Small grocers in Chipping Campden. J & L's England 040St. James Church in Chipping Campden

J & L's England 034-001

J & L's England 053Wells Cathedral and reflection at the Bishop’s Palace Grounds

J & L's England 056

photo (1)The Bishop’s Close in Wells

photo (2)The west coast of Cornwall

J & L's England 108Josh and Laura managed to get a photo of our great tour guide in London. He really made the tour a highlight of ours with all his knowledge.

I got to write 2014 on a check today. Katie and I had our hair done and her red hair is more vibrant and my grey hairs are covered up. She’s heading to California this weekend to spend some time with her cousins. She’ll get to visit Disneyland before all the Christmas decorations are taken down. She’ll also be able to visit my dear old pop. Dear mentioned that he gets 2 Mondays this week and 2 Fridays. Makes for a bit of disorientation on what day of the week it really is. How are you managing with Christmas and New Year’s landing on Wednesdays?

The Malthouse B & B

Alton to Cotswolds 002Oh the Hedgerows on the way to our first nights stop in England. If we weren’t anxious to arrive at our destination after being up for over 20 hours I would have yelled stop a few times to try to capture the narrow lanes lined in green.

Man U 076

We were so happy to finally turn the right corner and see our B & B in front of us.

2013-09-14 Man U4The Malthouse B & B is located in the small village of Alton in the Staffordshire county of England.

2013-09-13 England Day 15We had rooms 8 & 9 in the Stables. Our room had the Hobbit window.

2013-09-14 Man U5Josh and Laura experienced their first traditional fried English breakfast.

Man U 078View of the village from the front door of the Malthouse.

2013-09-14 Man U6Village Views

2013-09-14 Man U2For our dinner in Alton we chose The Bullshead Inn. It was a great improvement over the first pub meal we had.

2013-09-14 Man U3

Our hosts at The Malthouse were very helpful and gracious. We would recommend this as a fine spot to rest your heads as you investigate the area.

We are still in a rainy pattern here in the Northwest. How has October begun for you?