June Gloom

On Friday morning my sister and I drove to her son’s home to feed the cats and have a walk along the coast. The photo above is from the patio of our nephew’s home. Not too shabby.

This was a typical June gloom morning with the sun hiding but it was still warm. They live by ‘The Wedge’.

We ended up at over 7,000 steps and lots of nice views. The houses along our walk were beautifully landscaped with great windows positioned to get all the views. When our walk was over we did some shopping and had lunch out. Later in the day the sun broke through and we could see blue skies. Maybe by the time I fly home we’ll get a blue sky day at the beach.

Tonight (Friday night) we pick up our youngest brother when he flies in from a long day of flying.

Thirty Nine Years Strong…

Semiahmoo 2 015

Dear and I are at Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine Washington celebrating our anniversary. That’s White Rock Canada across the Salish Sea/Strait of Georgia/Semiahmoo Bay! We headed out for a morning walk but the wind chill factor threatened to freeze our faces off so we didn’t last long. I did manage to get some photos of the lovely views we have from this resort which sits on a spit between Drayton Harbor and the Strait of Georgia.

Semiahmoo 2 014

Semiahmoo 001

This was the view from our room last night when we arrived just before sunset. We headed to the restaurant to meet friends of ours from Birch Bay for Happy Hour.

Semiahmoo 007

Semiahmoo 010

When we got back to our room the hotel had left a nice little treat for us to help our anniversary celebration.

Semiahmoo 015

Back to this mornings freezing walk…

Semiahmoo 2 006

Semiahmoo 2 010

Semiahmoo 2 007

Semiahmoo 2 009

Semiahmoo 2 012

I thought of Vee when I saw this bush with the red berries.

Semiahmoo 2 017

Semiahmoo 2 019

We’re so close to White Rock, Canada that my cell phone company sent me a text warning me about international roaming fees. I called them immediately and told them I was still in the U.S.A. and they better not charge me for roaming fees. They were happy to oblige…

Semiahmoo 2 022

This building is the restaurant at Semiahmoo where we had our meal last night. Semiahmoo resort was closed for many months and was re-opened in August of this year. There are still several million dollars worth of renovations that they are in process of including renovating the rooms and the restaurants. We took advantage of the lower rates while they are in process.

In this next photo I tried to capture the stiff wind that was threatening to freeze our faces. I think the high today is only suppose to reach 28 degrees!

Semiahmoo 2 026

We have massages booked today at 2:00 in the Resort’s Spa. I’m really looking forward to that. We will be here one more night and then we’ll meander southward home tomorrow. Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Porthtowan, Cornwall, England

2013-09-18 St11

We stopped at Blue and had a pint with a beautiful view of Porthtowan beach before we headed out on a hike up the beach trail. This will be a photo overload post.

St. Ives sunny 169

St. Ives sunny 174

St. Ives sunny 175

St. Ives sunny 179

St. Ives sunny 182

St. Ives sunny 183

St. Ives sunny 188

St. Ives sunny 194

St. Ives sunny 196One and three quarter miles SW of St Agnes, Cornwall.
Named in Dines as Great Wheal Charlotte, there is a wide area of barren ground which appears to consist mostly of old mine waste material. The area overlooks the sea and is popular with walkers, it is easily reached by an old trackway from the nearby coast road or via the coastal footpath network.

St. Ives sunny 198

St. Ives sunny 200

St. Ives sunny 201

St. Ives sunny 203

St. Ives sunny 204

St. Ives sunny 205

St. Ives sunny 208

St. Ives sunny 212

St. Ives sunny 213

St. Ives sunny 215

St. Ives sunny 217

St. Ives sunny 222

Back to our car parked at Blue and home for some leftover Chicken Noodle soup. The wonderful end to a day filled with beautiful views of God’s creation.

On Sunday we are having our friend from Porthtowan whose parent’s home we stayed in while we were in Cornwall over for a meal. Our meal might just have something to do with Jolly Old England…

What are your plans for this weekend. Do any of you get Monday off for Veteran’s Day, Remembrance Day, Armistice Day?