Family Signs

This last weekend we enjoyed lots of great family time at some of the places featured in this “Signs, signs”  by Lesley combo post!

Six of us traveled east and then north to the little town of Chewelah.

The girls enjoyed a bridal shower on Saturday while the guys worked on flooring and plumbing at our son’s home.

Granny had several fun signs at her home.

In this part of Washington state you see a lot of these signs if you travel off the main highway.

When we made it back to our son’s home after the shower we went out to dinner to celebrate our son-in-laws birthday at El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant.

Happy Birthday Andrew. We had a real good time celebrating you!

After dinner we all went up to the lodge where Dear and I were staying and had a family photo time.


The soon to be married couple!


The girls!


The guys!

Our family is rounding out very nicely. We are thankful to God for blessing us with kids who get along and enjoy each other. It was good to work together, celebrate together, play games with each other, and eat together.

Just before we hit the road to travel back to Western Washington we all had brunch together at the new Main Street Bistro in Chewelah.

And then we stopped to get gas at our station of choice in this area.

“Owned and operated by The Spokane Tribe of Indians”

Photo-A-Day ~ November

I’m joining Kati’s November Photo-A-Day Challenge with days 10 through 16.

Day 10 ~ Yellow

This is one of the tiles that are part of our back splash behind our stove top.

Day 11 ~ Outside my Window

Ha! First, I had to use some glass cleaner on my window before I snapped away.

Day 12 ~ Small

Day 13 ~ Large

The contrast between the large and the small…

Day 14 ~ Swirl

Day 15 ~ Animal

It’s November so I’m sharing the wild turkeys we saw in Eastern Washington while visiting our son. This part of Eastern Washington is known as the Turkey Capitol of Washington State!

Day 16 ~ Red

For red I’m going back to Windsor England with the Guard in their dress uniforms.

It’s late on Friday and it’s been a busy day for me. After my exercise class I powered up the lawn mower and mowed the lawn which consisted mostly of vacuuming up the fallen leaves from the Maple, Pear and Apple Tree. I’m wondering if this will be the last mow of the season or if there will be one more. I’m sitting with my feet up now and am happy that we have a quiet weekend ahead. We are still in a dry, very cold weather system with plenty of frost in the mornings. I’ve been amazed at all the winter snow photos from many of you. Our son had snow in Eastern Washington.

Love this photo of my pop, sister Lana, and niece Melissa from their Thursday night dinner together.

pop lana melissaHave a wonderful weekend.

The Barn Collective

When we were in Eastern Washington last weekend I took a couple photos of barns. The one on top is run down and see through while the next one is still being used.

The little trailer on wheels is pretty slick. We found out it is a portable chicken coop.

This weekend we filled a few yard waste bins with leaves only to have as many fall again over night. It’s that time of year. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

I’m linking to the The Barn Collective hosted by Amy at Rose Street Reflections.

Good Fences Chewelah…

Dusk and the White tail deer appear on our son’s property in Eastern Washington. The photos taken through our son’s garden fenced area makes it look like the deer are penned in but that’s not the case. They are free to roam beyond the fenced garden area and in the fields surrounding his home. Next time I’ll have to show you the animals that caused a traffic jam. 🙂

Joining in with TexWisGirl for Good Fences #33.

I’m still adjusting to the latest time change. How about you? It gets dark here so early now. This morning is the first morning we have a break in the cloud system and I see some nice brightness out my window. Time to go for a walk with the “ladies” again this morning. Tonight we’ll have small group at our house. Hope you have a good Thursday!

InSPIREd Sunday…

St. Mary of the Rosary on Main Street in Chewelah, Washington. The first two photos were taken on Halloween and the third photo down was taken on a trip we took to Eastern Washington in the summer of 2012.

Linking up to InSPIREd Sundays hosted by Beth and Sally.

I might not be able to visit until I get back to Western Washington and I have a more consistent Internet connection. Happy November everyone!