Good Fences Chewelah…

Dusk and the White tail deer appear on our son’s property in Eastern Washington. The photos taken through our son’s garden fenced area makes it look like the deer are penned in but that’s not the case. They are free to roam beyond the fenced garden area and in the fields surrounding his home. Next time I’ll have to show you the animals that caused a traffic jam. 🙂

Joining in with TexWisGirl for Good Fences #33.

I’m still adjusting to the latest time change. How about you? It gets dark here so early now. This morning is the first morning we have a break in the cloud system and I see some nice brightness out my window. Time to go for a walk with the “ladies” again this morning. Tonight we’ll have small group at our house. Hope you have a good Thursday!

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17 thoughts on “Good Fences Chewelah…

  1. Great photos of the deer! Dusk is a beautiful time of day! I’m still having trouble adjusting to the time change as well… wish we could stay on summer time all year through!

  2. Such lovely visitors. The fence probably keeps them out of eating everything in your son’s garden right? I know they can be voracious eaters. My friend used to complain about her tulips being lovely stalks!

  3. That’s a lot of deer! It’s hunting season here so the deer are in hiding. Oh I am dragging with this time change. I’ll get used to it eventually.

  4. I love the deer, it is cool to see them close to home.. At least your son’s home.. I wish we did not change the clocks back.. I do enjoy the sunlight longer in the evening.. Great fence photos.. Have a happy weekend!

  5. It most be so nice to see deer right at your son’s yard! I think my family is into the change of time by now, but the first days we felt so out of place with all of the light at 7 A.M. We kept checking the clock thinking we were late!

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