Photo-A-Day ~ November

I’m joining Kati’s November Photo-A-Day Challenge with days 10 through 16.

Day 10 ~ Yellow

This is one of the tiles that are part of our back splash behind our stove top.

Day 11 ~ Outside my Window

Ha! First, I had to use some glass cleaner on my window before I snapped away.

Day 12 ~ Small

Day 13 ~ Large

The contrast between the large and the small…

Day 14 ~ Swirl

Day 15 ~ Animal

It’s November so I’m sharing the wild turkeys we saw in Eastern Washington while visiting our son. This part of Eastern Washington is known as the Turkey Capitol of Washington State!

Day 16 ~ Red

For red I’m going back to Windsor England with the Guard in their dress uniforms.

It’s late on Friday and it’s been a busy day for me. After my exercise class I powered up the lawn mower and mowed the lawn which consisted mostly of vacuuming up the fallen leaves from the Maple, Pear and Apple Tree. I’m wondering if this will be the last mow of the season or if there will be one more. I’m sitting with my feet up now and am happy that we have a quiet weekend ahead. We are still in a dry, very cold weather system with plenty of frost in the mornings. I’ve been amazed at all the winter snow photos from many of you. Our son had snow in Eastern Washington.

Love this photo of my pop, sister Lana, and niece Melissa from their Thursday night dinner together.

pop lana melissaHave a wonderful weekend.

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6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day ~ November

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of turkeys! I bet that was neat to see.

    I like your “large” and “small” photos. I’m glad you included the picture of both. It’s neat to see the contrast in size. What a difference!

  2. Such great photos to meet the challenge!! Love the tile that is behind your stove. And the lovely autumn view outside your window. And the matyroshka dolls for “small” and “large” was a great idea!

  3. Hi Ellen, These are great pictures you chose for the photo challenge!! I laughed when you said you had to get out the window cleaner before snapping that pic; that’s exactly the way it is around here. 😀 I love your pretty Russian dolls; they remind me of nesting dolls, and I adore your transferware plates on the wall. Of course, I thoroughly enjoyed the Windsor Castle guards in their red uniforms.

    It’s quite cold here in North Carolina, too, but we haven’t had any snow in our part of the state. I understand that the mountain region had some the other night. I hope you enjoy a quiet, restful weekend, my friend!

    Big hugs,


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