Family Signs

This last weekend we enjoyed lots of great family time at some of the places featured in this “Signs, signs”  by Lesley combo post!

Six of us traveled east and then north to the little town of Chewelah.

The girls enjoyed a bridal shower on Saturday while the guys worked on flooring and plumbing at our son’s home.

Granny had several fun signs at her home.

In this part of Washington state you see a lot of these signs if you travel off the main highway.

When we made it back to our son’s home after the shower we went out to dinner to celebrate our son-in-laws birthday at El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant.

Happy Birthday Andrew. We had a real good time celebrating you!

After dinner we all went up to the lodge where Dear and I were staying and had a family photo time.


The soon to be married couple!


The girls!


The guys!

Our family is rounding out very nicely. We are thankful to God for blessing us with kids who get along and enjoy each other. It was good to work together, celebrate together, play games with each other, and eat together.

Just before we hit the road to travel back to Western Washington we all had brunch together at the new Main Street Bistro in Chewelah.

And then we stopped to get gas at our station of choice in this area.

“Owned and operated by The Spokane Tribe of Indians”

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Family Signs

  1. We visit Chewelah frequently when we’re visiting the Spokane area where our sons live. We even looked around the Chewelah area for property to buy a few years back. Finally found our future home & acreage somewhere in between Spokane & Chewelah. We love that little town. They hold a weekly Farmer’s Market in the town’s park during the late spring, summer , & early fall that’s worth checking out.

  2. The Native place names are so very different on the west coast – I guess you just get used to hearing the ones in your own area! I think you have a nice family.

  3. Loved the signs, especially the one that says A Place for All Seasons! You have such a beautiful family, enjoy this special time.

  4. Hi Ellen,
    I have really enjoyed reading about your lovely family and the wedding shower.
    You really live in an amazing country with such beautiful scenery.
    Thank you for sharing your happy times with us,
    Kind regards,

  5. What a blessing that your family all enjoy one another’s company! I see happy faces and good times all through this weekend visit!

    (I love your colorful sweater in the “girls” photo!)

  6. Smiled when I saw the “open till we close” sign. That covers all bases. And the primitive road sign I have never seen. I just see “unsealed road” or “dirt road”.

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