Shower of Blessings!

Our whole family was together in Eastern Washington this past weekend to celebrate our son and future DIL’s wedding shower and we worked in some other fun events together, too.

The Bridal shower for Jamie was hosted at her Granny’s home.

Granny has quite a view out her kitchen window.

It was fun to get to meet many of Jamie’s friends.

Tami and our daughter Katie are two of the bridesmaids. Tami on the left hosted the shower.

We enjoyed watching Jamie open her many gifts. Her matron of honor was by her side recording each item.

Jamie with her mom and granny.

Jamie with her mom, granny, and dear family friend Sylvia.

Mom and daughter.

Our girls, dil Laura, future dil Jamie and our daughter Katie.

When the shower was over and most of the guests were gone we helped get a couple things done for the wedding reception. Many hands make light work!

After the work was done we made a trip out to the venue so we could be able to visualize the route and site.

Beautiful views on the road to the venue.

It was good to make the trip out and to know what to expect. We then traveled back to Dan’s house to see what the guys had been up to while we were partying. I’ll share our evening together in my next post.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Shower of Blessings!

  1. Oh glad to find this! It was way down the list.

    What a beautiful area! Praying for good weather on the wedding day so everyone will enjoy the view. How fun to meet the family and to celebrate together!

  2. That is some view and such a beautiful place to be married! Thanks for sharing your girls with us and for bringing a little wedding cheer to the week! I notice the blue Noritake glass…..I have the red ones….from way back when! 🙂 Happy week, Ellen!

  3. Cute cake….lovely bride…and a fun shower, by the look of things! Glad you could all make it and enjoy your time together!

  4. Such an adorable cake…I just love showers…they are so fun. Glad you got to meet everyone…by the way, do you have a good, EASY recipe for FRENCH ONION SOUP..?

  5. Oh what fun! Love the cup cake bridal dress. Jamie looks so happy and it looks like it will be a gorgeous place for the wedding! Have fun planning and scheming with your “daughters”! Do you have your dress yet?

  6. What a lovely view & cabin grandma has ! The wedding shower looks like a lot of fun. I have blue Noritake goblets that match the glass she is showing in the picture,( someone has very good taste . 🙂 )

    Eastern Washington has so much beautiful, often dramatic scenery. We love it there.

  7. Best wishes to your son and jaime, the smiles in the photos tell of such a wonderful time spent of giving and sharing special moments! Thanks for sharing.

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