Shower of Blessings!

Our whole family was together in Eastern Washington this past weekend to celebrate our son and future DIL’s wedding shower and we worked in some other fun events together, too.

The Bridal shower for Jamie was hosted at her Granny’s home.

Granny has quite a view out her kitchen window.

It was fun to get to meet many of Jamie’s friends.

Tami and our daughter Katie are two of the bridesmaids. Tami on the left hosted the shower.

We enjoyed watching Jamie open her many gifts. Her matron of honor was by her side recording each item.

Jamie with her mom and granny.

Jamie with her mom, granny, and dear family friend Sylvia.

Mom and daughter.

Our girls, dil Laura, future dil Jamie and our daughter Katie.

When the shower was over and most of the guests were gone we helped get a couple things done for the wedding reception. Many hands make light work!

After the work was done we made a trip out to the venue so we could be able to visualize the route and site.

Beautiful views on the road to the venue.

It was good to make the trip out and to know what to expect. We then traveled back to Dan’s house to see what the guys had been up to while we were partying. I’ll share our evening together in my next post.

Sweet Marie…

On Saturday Lana, Laura and I were able to attend a bridal shower for our nephew Caleb’s bride to be, Marie. The shower was given by her aunt and cousins. Marie has a large supportive family and it was nice to meet a lot of them.

Marie's shower1

Marie's shower

Marie's shower3You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day in the greater Seattle area for a shower. Marie’s side of the family hails from this area and we were happy to be able to join in the fun. Our nephew Caleb and many of our family live in Southern California. The wedding is going to take place in Southern California.

Marie's shower4Our sweet Marie with her aunt and cousins who collaborated to host the shower.

Marie's shower2It was fun to watch Marie open each gift.

Marie's shower6Marie with her mom and with her great grandmother and her paternal grandmother.

Marie's shower5Cousins on the top and Marie with both grandmother’s, her mom, and great grandmother.


We loved meeting Great Grandmother! She is a fabulous 95!

IMGP0550Sweet Marie! We are looking forward to seeing her walk down the aisle at the Blueberry Farm/Ranch in Southern California to be married to our nephew Caleb. Our side of the family is having a shower for Marie the later part of July in Southern California.

IMGP0559After the shower Lana, Laura and I headed back to our house and met up with our hubbies to head out to dinner and celebrate a belated Father’s Day meal.

Another relatively quiet week ahead for me…sigh of relief. We are narrowing down the choices for our new carpeting. We are still overwhelmed with the idea that we have to empty out the rooms that will be re-carpeted. What’s ahead for you this week?

Of Showers and Blessings…

Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps
covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments,
to a thousand generations, (Deuteronomy 7:9, ESV)

The next bride in our family, Debbee.

Our family had a bridal shower for our niece Debbee this past Sunday in California. The shower was at our niece Michelle’s home. This first photo is of my mom with all the granddaughters that could attend the shower.

Debbee with her Baba.

My sister Vera is Debbee’s mom.

Deb with her mom and future mom in law

My three sisters with our mom. Lana, Kathy, Nadia (mom), Ellen and Vera.

Our cousins on my mom’s side of the family were able to attend the shower. My mom only had one brother who had 2 sons and 2 daughters. His two daughters are in this photo along with one of his DIL’s.

This one also has 2 of my mom’s DIL’s in the photo (my SIL’s). Top row Letty, Lana, Kathy, Kelly, Debbie, Tanya. Seated are Valia, Vera, Nadia, and Ellen.

My sister Vera has 2 children. David is married to Kristin on Vera’s left. Kristin, Vera, Vera, Debbee, Debbee, Lenny’s mom Linda, and Lenny’s sister Tina.

Debbee’s Bridesmaids

The cousins at the shower…Melissa, Michelle, Kristin, Debbee, Jess, Katie, and Laura.

My niece Melissa and my niece Debbee were roommates for 10 years! They are both adjusting to a new place to live until their next chapter begins.

My girls and my sister Kathy’s girls.

Debbee and me.

My family does not take lightly the blessings that God has showered us with. The times we have together filled with love, fun, and laughter will always be cherished and enjoyed.

I will share photos of the food and table settings at another time.

Tomorrow Dear and I are headed to Milan, Italy. Time will tell how much I can keep up with all the happenings online. Blessings.

A Mermaid Bridal Shower…

We are blessed this year with weddings in March, April and May! Saturday past I was honored to attend the Mermaid Bridal Shower for our dear friend Lucy. Lucy’s sister Bridget carried out the theme beautifully as you will see in my photos. Lucy’s youngest sister Jamie was our Katie’s Maid of Honor.

Dear and I became friends with Lucy’s parents when we all lived in Ventura, California. Lucy’s father delivered our daughter Katie in Ventura in 1985. Lucy’s mom Jody has been a really good friend and walking buddy to me for many years. We thank God for our friendship.

The mermaid/sea theme was great with shrimp and sushi and a sand castle cake.

See the little mermaids dangling on the champagne flutes?

Bridget made these seashell tiaras to use for photos with all the guests.

How wonderful to take the time to pray over the bride for her and her groom at the bridal shower.

Lucy with our DIL Laura

Our hostess Bridget with the guest of honor Lucy and our DIL Laura. Our son Josh and our DIL Laura are standing on Lucy’s side at the wedding along with Bridget and her husband and Lucy’s youngest sister Jamie. I really like that idea of having people that are close to you as couples or singles standing with you.

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And That’s A Wrap…

or…the rest of the story. These are Polaroids taken mostly by Jamie, Katie’s Maid of Honor, at the shower. Before I show the rest of the photos here’s what’s happening around here and we’ll title it Yes, it’s possible to accomplish anything while feeling like a Zombie

Thanksgiving: We had a wonderful celebration at Dave and Jody’s house with about 50 or so people. Pictures coming some time in the future.

Black Friday: My sister Lana and I continued our tradition of going to Goodwill on Black Friday. We had no problem finding a parking spot and we got some really good bargains. Everything was 50% off. My best purchase was a Tumi computer backpack (when new $260) used for $25. I’ll be using it for travels to North Carolina on Monday. Lana bought a beautiful Tommy Bahama linen jacket with the tags still on it ($160) for $20.

Packing: After Goodwill Lana started the daunting task of trying to pack 6 suitcases with all of Katie’s clothes, coats, shoes, hats, scarves, gloves, makeup, jewelery, etc. etc. My sister is a master at packing. We were able to get those cases as close to 50# each as we could. We have one more suitcase to go that I can put some of my stuff in, too. One of the 6 cases also has Andrew’s civilian clothes.  Now we just have to figure out how Katie and I will be able to manage 7 large suitcases, 2 carry-ons, and 2 backpacks. I’ll be stuffing my pockets with cash to tip Porters!!

Mailing: Today we are mailing all Katie’s media to North Carolina. She doesn’t want to be without her favorite books 4 large boxes worth and her favorite DVD’s and CD’s 4 boxes worth.

Family: We are getting in as much family time as we can before Katie and I take off on Monday.

Cookbook: So much great cookbook news. If you’d like to enter to win a cookbook click on the link and leave a comment at Mennonite Girls Can Cook. Lovella and Anneliese are demonstrating the Hazelnut Roll today at noon on Global T.V. in B.C.  If you live in B.C. tune in!

Offline: I’ll probably be scarce around here for a couple weeks. I’ll try to visit and see how you all are doing…

Myself and Lana showing our guests where the food is…hilarious.

Katie with her brother, Josh.

Katie with our Daughter in law’s mother and grandmother.

Girlfriends since forever…Katy K., Jamie, Katie, Kristen, and Heidi.

Blessings on all your preparations for the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

I’m looking forward to preparing a place in my home to honor the King of Glory when I get back from North Carolina!

Photos Shared…

The following photos from Katie’s bridal shower were taken by her long time friend Christie. Christie was one of Katie’s friends from our church here in Seattle that we attended for 20 years. Christie now lives in Alaska with her husband and 2 little girls. She was in Seattle visiting family just in time for Katie’s shower. What a fun treat it was to have all Katie’s Sunrise girlfriends together with her on this special day.

Kristin, Christie, and Heidi. Jamie is the 4th girlfriend from Sunrise and she’s taking the photo.  I’ll share more photos from the shower that Katie’s Maid of Honor Jamie took soon.

Matryoshka Bridal Shower

On Saturday we had a Northwest Bridal Shower for Katie with a Matryoshka Theme.

The Bride Katie

Katie and Laura, sisters by marriage.

The color theme was purple, deep red, and gold.

I was so busy I forgot to take photos of all the other food. We had Savory Blintzes, a Quinoa taboulleh salad, orange-mango chicken salad, pumpkin praline trifle, and pumpkin spice cookies.

It was a fun reunion of friends who have touched Katie’s life over the years. Katie’s maid of honor, Jamie, led us in prayers for Andrew and Katie and she ended with a prayer of blessing on her friend. Such a wonderful dear time we had. Katie was showered with blessings and nice gifts. At the end of our evening the power went out so we rushed around lighting more candles. My sister Lana escorted all our guests to their cars with a flashlight!

I have to admit that I am wiped out today. We couldn’t clean up last night because we had no power so I went over to Lana’s this morning to gather my stuff and to help clean up. By the time I got there Lana had everything washed and ready to go so all I had to do was load up my car. Everything is put away in it’s place here at my house now and I’m just gonna sit around the rest of the day!

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The Story Continues…

Good Saturday Morning to you all. I’m up and busy today getting ready for a celebration.

Today we are having a Northwest Bridal shower for Katie at my sister Lana’s house. The we are my Daughter in Love Laura, Katie’s maid of honor Jamie,  my sister Lana and me. We will be getting together today to decorate and get ready for our guests. Our guests are friends who have helped to write Katie’s Story. Besides our Northwest biological family we have Katie’s lifelong church friends, school friends, work friends, and our extended family through marriage who have all played a part in Katie’s story. Katie’s dad and I are very grateful for the love and friendships that have shaped Katie’s life. Of course I’ll be sharing lots of photos in the next week or two of our celebration. Here’s some of what we are looking forward to today…

We are also serving 2 salads that Gluten Free and Vegetarians will enjoy.

If I’ve been absent in visiting and commenting you now know why. Busy baking and cooking and shopping for a new outfit to wear!

Wedding Creativity…

I know I’ve said this before but if you are new on my blog it bears repeating. Our daughter Katie got married to her Marine fiance last March at the Magistrate’s office in North Carolina before he was deployed to Afghanistan. She’s been living with us during his deployment. We are planning a wedding ceremony with our friends and family and Andrew’s family as witnesses this coming March on their one year anniversary in Seattle. We have a lot of the wedding plans taken care of. Katie’s dress had a huge train on it that she wanted cut off so she used some of the fabric from the train to make a flower girl basket and a ring bearer pillow…

Katie and I will be flying to North Carolina on November 28th to accept her and Andrew’s military housing and to set up their home as much as we can before Andrew returns from Afghanistan. Dear will be joining us on December 3rd. We’ll save any heavy lifting for when he arrives.

Katie and Andrew’s wedding will be in Seattle so she will fly back from North Carolina 3 weeks before the ceremony date and Andrew will arrive the weekend of the ceremony…

Katie’s had time on her hands for wedding creativity and besides the pillow and basket she is painting her cake toppers!

The Marine figure isn’t finished yet since we have to wait and see if Andrew gets any embellishments on his uniform post deployment!

Happy Saturday to you! Today we are having a craft get together to make these for Katie’s wedding shower in November. Thankfully some more crafty people than me are joining us for this endeavor. We are also sampling some shower recipes to see if they are worthy for our guests…

Showers of Blessings…

My mom (Baba) and Katie

My sister-in-law from Dallas with mom.

Niece Melissa with Katie

Sisters by marriage, Katie and Laura. The sweetest sister Katie could ever ask for.

The nieces with Katie and Laura. We are missing 5 nieces in this photo.

My cousin Kathy (Katrina), my mom and my sister Kathy.

My sisters Kathy and Vera flanking my sister-in-laws Mandy and Letty.

Katie with our dear lifelong friend Alice.

My cousin Valia with her daughter Michelle.

Somebody told a great story here. I love the reaction. If I had to guess I’d say my sister Lana is the culprit!

The oldest to youngest sister photo. Kathy, Vera, Ellen, and Lana.

My sister Kathy gave a short devotional about being a married woman. She’s a great teacher!

My mother gave Katie some heirloom linens and other gifts.

Katie got everyone laughing when she whipped out her pocket knife to cut away wrappings. And I do mean whipped as in whipped it open in the air.

These are shoes Katie hung on to from her Grandmother Verna. Verna lived with us when Katie was little and they had a very special bond.

Melissa and Lana…partners in crime.

Michelle and Deb Deb taking a breather…

The girls frosted an all white cupcake for Katie.

My sister Kathy with her two daughters.

My Sister-in-law Christina and our niece Kacie with Katie.

Katie and me with our friends Alice and Svetlana.

The shower committee at the end of the night!…Just kidding….

It was such a blessing to be able to have so many of our family members and friends all together in one place for this event. Thank you all for coming.

A special thank you to Michelle for letting me use some of her photos from the shower. Thank you to all my family members who worked hard to pull it all together. We love you and appreciate you!