A Mermaid Bridal Shower…

We are blessed this year with weddings in March, April and May! Saturday past I was honored to attend the Mermaid Bridal Shower for our dear friend Lucy. Lucy’s sister Bridget carried out the theme beautifully as you will see in my photos. Lucy’s youngest sister Jamie was our Katie’s Maid of Honor.

Dear and I became friends with Lucy’s parents when we all lived in Ventura, California. Lucy’s father delivered our daughter Katie in Ventura in 1985. Lucy’s mom Jody has been a really good friend and walking buddy to me for many years. We thank God for our friendship.

The mermaid/sea theme was great with shrimp and sushi and a sand castle cake.

See the little mermaids dangling on the champagne flutes?

Bridget made these seashell tiaras to use for photos with all the guests.

How wonderful to take the time to pray over the bride for her and her groom at the bridal shower.

Lucy with our DIL Laura

Our hostess Bridget with the guest of honor Lucy and our DIL Laura. Our son Josh and our DIL Laura are standing on Lucy’s side at the wedding along with Bridget and her husband and Lucy’s youngest sister Jamie. I really like that idea of having people that are close to you as couples or singles standing with you.

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