What’s New?

Dear and our son laid out and fastened all the rebar over the vapor barrier last Saturday.

Now all we need is the Concrete contractor to fit us into his busy schedule. We hope that’s soon!!

Addy started Awana this week for the first time. She’s in the Cubbies class. She thought it was GREAT!

I was gifted this new puzzle and it’s not an easy one. This will be our 7th COVID puzzle to date.

Even though it’s not easy I love it. Thank you, Linda!

We are still smokey but we are suppose to get some rain on Friday or Saturday.

We have a pie social tonight with our JOY group at church. (Just Older Youth) I’m bringing a cherry pie. What would be your favorite pie?

True Confession: I do not bake pies but I did find a handcrafted frozen cherry pie that looked real good at the store. It was pricier than the name brand frozen pies. I’ll put it in the oven to bake tomorrow before our event. I’ll let you know if it was worth the big bucks!

True Confession #2: I am not fond of cherry pie. Other pies were already signed up for and no one had signed up to bring cherry and that’s why I ended up with it. Dear enjoys cherry pie.

***Update on the store bought pie…It was delicious per Dear (he had two slices) The crust was flaky and the filling was wonderful. The pie maker was Village Pie Maker. I think I bought it at Wal-Mart in the frozen section.

Snow Trumps All…

When snow falls in our area it trumps everything. We were at a Memorial Service yesterday afternoon where it was so good to see so many loved ones we don’t see often. Forever friends are good to have. After the service we had dinner out with our kids. When we got home we started seeing that some of our Facebook friends south of us were seeing snow fall. At about 8 P.M. it started falling at our house in earnest.

Feb Snow 030When we woke up this morning we had a nice 2 to 3 inch covering. That probably makes some of you snow worthy people chuckle. Here in our area where snow is always a surprise 3 inches is enough to keep us at home and some events end up being cancelled.

feb snow day 034We didn’t watch any news yesterday so we did not hear any warnings about a possible snow fall which made it a delightful surprise.

feb snow day 033

feb snow day 032Snow is great around these parts only if it doesn’t hang around for too long. Remember we are an area with lots of steep hills. You cannot describe our part of Washington as flat. This old house is at the top of a hill so for us to get out and about we have to go downhill which can work okay but then we have to come uphill to get home and that is a bit tougher.

feb snow day 026

feb snow day 014

feb snow day 005

feb snow day 004It will be interesting to see when this snow will melt off. I just told Dear he might have to make a run down the hill to buy some milk and try out his 4 x 4 Jeep in the snow. You think he’ll jump to my challenge? Time will tell. Well that didn’t take long. Dear did go down the hill and made it back with no problem but at the very bottom of our hill signs were up saying “Road Closed”. Dear made it through the barriers and up the hill with no problems but there were cars abandoned on the road that could not make it up…oops!

Are you watching the Olympics? It’s been fun for me to hear the Russian and understand some of it. I was able to sing along with the Moscow Nights number in the opening ceremonies. And we keep wanting to train the U.S. announcers on the pronunciation of Matryoshka (the Russian stacking dolls). Three syllables not four!! Maw-trosh-kah or Maw-trosh-key (plural) is the easiest way I can spell it phonetically. Love seeing these dolls at all the venues!

After shots 003Watching the Winter Olympics with snow on the ground outside seems quite appropriate. Hope you have a good week!

Matryoshka Bridal Shower

On Saturday we had a Northwest Bridal Shower for Katie with a Matryoshka Theme.

The Bride Katie

Katie and Laura, sisters by marriage.

The color theme was purple, deep red, and gold.

I was so busy I forgot to take photos of all the other food. We had Savory Blintzes, a Quinoa taboulleh salad, orange-mango chicken salad, pumpkin praline trifle, and pumpkin spice cookies.

It was a fun reunion of friends who have touched Katie’s life over the years. Katie’s maid of honor, Jamie, led us in prayers for Andrew and Katie and she ended with a prayer of blessing on her friend. Such a wonderful dear time we had. Katie was showered with blessings and nice gifts. At the end of our evening the power went out so we rushed around lighting more candles. My sister Lana escorted all our guests to their cars with a flashlight!

I have to admit that I am wiped out today. We couldn’t clean up last night because we had no power so I went over to Lana’s this morning to gather my stuff and to help clean up. By the time I got there Lana had everything washed and ready to go so all I had to do was load up my car. Everything is put away in it’s place here at my house now and I’m just gonna sit around the rest of the day!

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