Snow Trumps All…

When snow falls in our area it trumps everything. We were at a Memorial Service yesterday afternoon where it was so good to see so many loved ones we don’t see often. Forever friends are good to have. After the service we had dinner out with our kids. When we got home we started seeing that some of our Facebook friends south of us were seeing snow fall. At about 8 P.M. it started falling at our house in earnest.

Feb Snow 030When we woke up this morning we had a nice 2 to 3 inch covering. That probably makes some of you snow worthy people chuckle. Here in our area where snow is always a surprise 3 inches is enough to keep us at home and some events end up being cancelled.

feb snow day 034We didn’t watch any news yesterday so we did not hear any warnings about a possible snow fall which made it a delightful surprise.

feb snow day 033

feb snow day 032Snow is great around these parts only if it doesn’t hang around for too long. Remember we are an area with lots of steep hills. You cannot describe our part of Washington as flat. This old house is at the top of a hill so for us to get out and about we have to go downhill which can work okay but then we have to come uphill to get home and that is a bit tougher.

feb snow day 026

feb snow day 014

feb snow day 005

feb snow day 004It will be interesting to see when this snow will melt off. I just told Dear he might have to make a run down the hill to buy some milk and try out his 4 x 4 Jeep in the snow. You think he’ll jump to my challenge? Time will tell. Well that didn’t take long. Dear did go down the hill and made it back with no problem but at the very bottom of our hill signs were up saying “Road Closed”. Dear made it through the barriers and up the hill with no problems but there were cars abandoned on the road that could not make it up…oops!

Are you watching the Olympics? It’s been fun for me to hear the Russian and understand some of it. I was able to sing along with the Moscow Nights number in the opening ceremonies. And we keep wanting to train the U.S. announcers on the pronunciation of Matryoshka (the Russian stacking dolls). Three syllables not four!! Maw-trosh-kah or Maw-trosh-key (plural) is the easiest way I can spell it phonetically. Love seeing these dolls at all the venues!

After shots 003Watching the Winter Olympics with snow on the ground outside seems quite appropriate. Hope you have a good week!

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14 thoughts on “Snow Trumps All…

  1. It seems like it is snowing across the country.. We have some every couple of days and I am ready for it to be over.. Your Russian dolls are pretty. I watched some of the Opening Day Ceremony, it was very nicely done. Enjoy your week ahead!

  2. Oh how I wish I had bought a set of the Russian Dolls when I was there in the 70’s. So much of what the world is getting to see now on the Olympics was closed off to us back then. I love the architecture over there. I am watching it snow a tiny bit right now. I LOVE snow. We got 9 inches last week….makes my heart happy.

  3. Yes, it was fun to wake up to a winter wonderland. Our church services were cancelled this morning, so we have been having a fun snow day here!


  4. We’re watching figure skating right now. It is about the only thing I am really interested in.

    So you had an unexpected snow day that turned into a cozy day. Hope that there were treats in that grocery bag that your Dear brought home!

  5. I heard on the news you might be getting snow…it’s beautiful! Nice to know we aren’t the only ones crippled by a few inches of snow! We’ve had two lovely spring-like days, but Tues night ice and sleet is predicted. Knew winter wasn’t over!! 🙂

  6. I have a friend who moved from the Kansas City area to Seattle who posted photos of the snow on Facebook this morning. They got less than you did, but he was kind of happy to see it. I volunteered to send him more if he should want it because we have MORE than our share here!!! It snowed AGAIN here today!!! 😦

    Enjoy the pretty!

  7. So glad you’ve got some snow too! I dare say, we have at least 5 foot drifts all around our house right now – ugh! I hope it thaws slowly or we could have a real mess. I was wondering if you understood the Russian announcements at Sochi – so cool! I LOVE those “maw-trosh-key”!!!

  8. We don’t have steep hills here, but if we got the kind of snow you did, there would be a panic for sure! Nope, not watching the Olympics, but I did smile at your helpful pronunciation tutorial!

  9. We almost always have some snow on the ground here, and I love how it makes everything look! We have a steep driveway so we have to shovel it sideways so that we don’t slide down it on our backsides…lol

    I am also enjoying the Olympics. Go for the GOLD USA!! 🙂

  10. We got that snow too and it was beautiful for a few hours. It’s raining now – heavily – and the drive to work will be through slush.
    We brought some of those little dolls home from Russia – who could resist?!

  11. Waking up to a surprise snow fall is so much better than waking up expecting snow and having none. Just saying. Although anyone who needs to go to work up a hill without all wheel drive may not share my preference. Funny how Washington and Oregon got so much snow and we just keep getting rain off and on. It was 59 degrees here today. Weird!
    Thanks for the coaching on how to say the name of the nesting dolls.

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