For my Flashback this week I’m posting my graduation photos from Junior High, High School, College (mine and my sister Kathy’s) and my youngest siblings’ Kindergarten graduation.

Junior HighA formal graduation ceremony from Montebello Junior High. My opinion these days is that this was a little over kill. New dresses for the girls and suits for the guys. I wonder how much money each family had to invest? The photo of me and my dad got a little chewed up. The other photos are me with my little maternal grandmother. Me, my mom and my cousin once removed. Here’s a photo of my junior high school that has since been demolished.


High School scannedMontebello High School graduation in June of 1968. I think it’s appropriate to have a ceremony for this accomplishment. Again I have a photo with my little maternal grandmother. She really was a dear lady!

Junior High1The photo on the right was taken in the front yard of our home in Montebello. The Volkswagon in the driveway belonged to my brother. The next photo is of the front of Montebello High School.

img400My brother Fred and me at my sister Kathy’s graduation from Cal State L.A.

Pictures15These are photos from my graduation from Cal-State L.A. My brother Fred graduated the same time as I did. That’s him and me on the right. Dear and me on the left.

img397Aren’t they cute? They are twins, Leonard and Lana, our youngest siblings.

img398I decided to throw this next photo in, too, since it’s in the same time period as the others.

img399We went out to Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour to celebrate the twins. I’m guessing this is for their 6th birthday. So much fun for all of us. Did you ever eat at Farrell’s? We drove miles to go to the first Farrell’s in California.

Our snow is practically all washed away this morning. The rain has been falling hard and steady so it’s a slushy mess out there. I do hope it lightens up for tomorrow as I’ll be traveling up across the line to Abbotsford for a special time with most of the “girls”. How’s your Monday shaping up?

Happy Family Day to our Canadian neighbors to the North! Enjoy your day off!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Graduations

  1. Oh fun to see the “vintage” photos. What a pretty girl peeks out at us from 1968 and the twins are too cute. The sweet pose of your little brother makes me laugh.

  2. These are wonderful pictures, Ellen! I enjoyed seeing them so much. You graduated in between my sister and me! There is a strong family resemblance between you and your older siblings, and i loved the picture of the teins nesr the car. I think Mama had a car like that, or at leadt similar to it. And how neat that you and your brother graduated from college on the same day and how neat that you still have the shot of you and Dear!

    I wonder if there was a particular architectural firm that designed schools nationally. Your school that was demolished looks a lot like the high school from which my older sisters graduated. What a shame that beautiful building was demolished. It sure was stately. It looks almost ecclesiastical in appearance.

    Thanks for sharing…



  3. Sorry for the typos… This IPAD gives me fits. I love the picture of the twins near the car is how that sentence was supposed to read. 😉

  4. I am really going to have to learn to scan – that was a fun trip down memory lane. Of course, when you were going to school in glamorous California, I was going to school in not-so-glamorous small-town Ontario – dreaming of California!

  5. I love all your flashback photos, Ellen! They bring back so many memories of those years. You had (still do) the greatest smile. I’m nodding along with Pondside’s comment…we were all California dreamin’ in those years.

  6. Those are fabulous pictures Ellen! Your twin siblings were oh so adorable. Your were a stunning graduate. As Pondside said, I too graduated in small town Ontario – no pictures nor fanfare there! I sure hope things thaw very slowly and gradually over here or we will have crazy flooding – SO much snow.

  7. You were such a hottie at graduation! Sweet photos from the younger years of your romance with Dear.

    Now if only you could get the twins to re-inact that paper hat photo…that would be priceless!

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