Laying to Rest…

I’m looking forward to all the Election brouhaha being laid to rest by tomorrow. In the spirit of that hope I decided to share some more from the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia. I hope you’ll enjoy the peaceful, restful images…

I’m grateful that whoever wins in our nation’s election that God is still on the throne and He is the one that holds our world together. I’m thankful that my hope is in Him and Him alone for my future. Judging from all the polls half of our country is going to be disappointed once the numbers are all in.

Blessings on all who come by here and God bless America…

Oakland Cemetery ~ Confederate Section

The Confederate section of the Oakland cemetery, occupies six acres of high ground, it is marked by an 1873 obelisk and a monument to the unknown dead. The monument includes a wounded lion lying on a furled Confederate flag. This was a very sobering section of the cemetery.

If interested, you can read about Evans here.


In 1856 James E. Williams (Mayor of Atlanta 1866-1868), built a residence atop this high ground which later became a part of Oakland Cemetery. From the second story of the house, Gen. John B. Hood, in command of Confederate forces, & members of his staff, watched that part of the Battle of Atlanta, July 22, 1864, …

I can’t begin to imagine the horrific loss to the whole country this war caused and what people endured during these times. Just considering the medical care limitations during this period of history makes the suffering unimaginable.

Oakland Cemetery ~ Atlanta

“Less than a mile from the heart of downtown Atlanta, a hidden treasure, a secret sanctuary, welcomes you. This garden cemetery, founded in 1850, is the final resting place of many of Atlanta’s settlers, builders, and most noted citizens like Bobby Jones, Margaret Mitchell, and Maynard Jackson. It is also a showplace of sculpture and architecture, and a botanical preserve with ancient oaks and magnolias. Here in this peaceful place the full scope of the city’s rich and fascinating history unfolds before you.”

Bobby Jones, the golf legend. How do you like the golf balls?

I was surprised to see that Margaret Mitchell died at 49 years old. She was struck by a speeding vehicle on Peachtree Street in Atlanta and died later of her injuries.

Margaret Mitchell was no ordinary writer. The one book she published in her lifetime – Gone With the Wind – sold millions of copies at the height of the Great Depression in America and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937, 75 years ago.  With over 30 million copies sold to date, it is one of the world’s best-selling novels.

I’ve mentioned before that I really enjoy walking through cemeteries. Not new cemeteries but very old cemeteries. The Oakland Cemetery is my favorite so far.

There will be more to come from Oakland Cemetery.

We have had a productive week so far and already have the car packed and snow chains bought for our trip across the mountains on Friday. They are forecasting some snow for us so we will pack warm clothes. How is the weather treating you?

Southern Hospitality…

Our last meal out in Atlanta was at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint. We were happy that our concierge recommended it. We were treated to some fine Southern cuisine and hospitality.

Juke (Jook) of African origin, meaning “to dance”, jerking movements of celebration.

Fried green tomatoes with okra and caramelized onions, delicious.

Seafood Gumbo with just the right amount of kick to it.

Beef Brisket sandwich on Texas Toast with sweet potato fries.

A close-up of the brisket sandwich. We ended up splitting the sandwich and the gumbo.

We left Sweet Georgia’s full and satisfied and glad we had some good “Southern” food while in Atlanta, Georgia.

Before our lunch at Sweet Georgia’s we had walked to and from the Oakland Cemetery.  The Oakland Cemetery was so full of interesting history I’ll be dividing my photos into at least two more posts to share from Atlanta with you.

We’ve had our heat on for the majority of the day this week. Things have really cooled down. I’ve seen some pretty substantial snow on the ground from bloggy friends in Alberta and other parts of the country. That seems early, doesn’t it?

So long, Farewell…

The kids said their goodbyes to Dear as he headed off to his business meeting.

So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight

Andrew, Katie and I headed to the Marriott rewards members room for happy hour. It was a very nice space with lots of comfy chairs and beautiful views. They also served up a nice buffet of hors d’oeuvres.

I hate to go and leave this pretty sight

So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, adieu

Adieu, adieu
To you and you and you

So long, farewell
Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen

We enjoyed our time together relaxing before it was time to say goodbye till the next time we meet, hopefully at Christmas and for Katie’s birthday on December 27th!

Are you tired of me saying that we are in the midst of another busy week? I’m cooking up some of our middle son’s favorites to take across the Cascades to his new home on Friday. Dear took a couple days off of work so we could put in some good time checking out Dan’s new digs and helping him with some projects while we are there. Since we’ll be busy with projects I decided to make and freeze some food so we wouldn’t have to think about what to cook. I was excited about seeing Katie and Andrew and now I’m excited about seeing our Dan and his new home. God is good to us…

Our Atlanta Adventures Continued…

Restoring some of my photos…

Last Sunday after we were done at the aquarium we all felt the need for some sustenance. We walked through Centennial Park again on our way to a late lunch.




We found out quickly that most restaurants downtown did not open for lunch on Sundays. We were happy to find Meehan’s open.

We got a nice booth and enjoyed watching and cheering along with the local crowd during the Atlanta Falcons vs. Oakland Raiders game.


We were all happy with our food orders. I’m going to be trying to duplicate this appetizer I ordered.


Dates, goat cheese, bacon and beets. They were very yummy! When we walked out of the Pub full and satisfied,


Katie spotted a little something from close to our home in Washington. A wine barrel from Chateau Ste Michelle.

We passed another pub on our way back to the hotel and of course I’d take a photo of this great British phone booth.

Back at the hotel Dear rushed to get ready for his meeting and Katie, Andrew and I kicked back for another hour or two before they caught their taxi for the airport.

Hope your Sunday is going well. We had a great time at church this morning and are now waiting for Josh and Laura to come for Dear’s famous Swedish pancakes before we head to our Sounders last regular season game. It’s Fan Appreciation Night and we are hoping for a win against Dallas to end the season with a plus! How’s your Sunday going?

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium was a real treat to visit. We covered every gallery and were so impressed with the magnitude of it all. Our final experience was the Dolphin show which really was over the top! The sad news is that my camera failed me and it did not copy any of my 100 photos onto the memory card. I was so disappointed! Here are a few shots I took with my little camera.

It truly is amazing to see all of these creations from God for our pleasure. The vastness of the creative under water world made me praise God.

I still have a few more posts to share from our Atlanta experience.

In the meantime we have gotten blustery and stormy in the Seattle area. The wind of course is helping more leaves to fall. Wet bright golden leaves all over the yard. It’s Fall…

Walk on By…

Most everything we saw in Atlanta was seen on foot. I was sad that Atlanta doesn’t have a hop on hop off trolley system like Chicago or D.C.  I’ve grown to count on those for trips to big cities I’ve never been to before. On our walk back from breakfast and the Oakland Cemetery to the aquarium we saw some interesting things I decided to take photos of.

The Georgia State Capitol. We didn’t get to the front of it.

Henry Woodfin Grady was a journalist and orator who helped reintegrate the states of the former Confederacy into the Union after the American Civil War.

I’m glad he didn’t mind me taking his photo! We walked right into the bustling, excited crowds gathering for the Atlanta Falcons/Oakland Raiders football game. Boy that “Raider Nation” is an interesting bunch of supporters!

Walking through the park I couldn’t help but think of our friend, Bob Keene. Bob Keene won an Emmy for his part in the opening ceremonies at the Atlanta Olympics of 1996.

Centennial Olympic Games: Opening Ceremonies

Steve Bass, Art Director; Bob Keene, Production Designer

Bob passed away unexpectedly in 2003 on his way to work. He was an amazing set designer and he was a follower of Jesus. Here is something that was written about him.

“Keene was best known for his work on live television awards programs. During his twenty-eight year career he designed every major award show, including the Emmy Awards®, the Grammy Awards® (for twenty years), the Tony® Awards and the Academy Awards® twice. He won Emmys for his work on the Richard Simmons Show (1980), the Centennial Olympic Games: Opening Ceremonies (1996) and the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards (2000), and he was nominated twelve other times.”

And I’ll share these quotes, too.

“Bob was a devoted husband. He and Sharon lived in Nichols Canyon where Bob designed both their home, modeled after Shakespeare’s birthplace, and his contemporary office in a back corner of his property, which won an architectural award in 2002. His assistant and successor, Brian Stonestreet remembers:

“He and Sharon loved to entertain at their home. Every year he had multiple Christmas parties for his church friends as well as work friends, and the house, as you can imagine, looked like something out of a Martha Stewart special. I cannot think of any of those parties and not smell mulled cider.”

At the time of his death Keene was both managing his career and tending to his wife who was battling brain cancer. No matter what he was focused on, professionally or personally, Bob put every bit of energy into whatever he did. He lived life passionately.”

Dear and I were invited to one of Bob and Sharon’s Christmas parties and it was like stepping into an old English world of charm with the low beamed ceilings and all. It was way better than Martha Stewart could have done. Shortly after Bob died Sharon also passed away from complications due to her brain tumor. Bob and Sharon are home with their Lord.

Bob and Sharon Keene on Bob’s Emmy Award Set – 1997

Speaking of Celebrations…

…Menno Press has released our new Cookbook Cover and you can see it on the MGCC Blog. Head on over and leave a comment to be entered to win our new cookbook when it is released May of 2013!

And because I like food and eating food and celebrating with special people around the table here are some more photos from our time in Atlanta with Katie and Andrew.

On Sunday morning we caught a taxi to Ria’s Bluebird across the street from Oakland Cemetery. I was so pleased to kill two birds with one stone, eating good food and visiting a very cool old cemetery.

I ordered the small stack of buttermilk pancakes with Georgia pecans. Dear ordered an omelette with grits. We split the items between us except he ate all the grits himself.

Andrew had the Meyer Rum dipped brioche with caramelized bananas. Katie had the same omelette Dear and I shared. We all had good cups of coffee. Dear and I ordered the “shot in the dark” and Andrew and Katie had mochas. I’m always happy when my internet choices for a restaurant in a city I’m not familiar with turns out well, especially when I’m dragging 3 people along with me.

After our delicious breakfast and good coffee we walked across the street to explore the Oakland Cemetery. I’ll share more photos of the cemetery another day but I did want to share one more photo of a Seafood Pub and Restaurant that was directly across from a side entrance to the cemetery.

The name made me chuckle as I stood amongst the gravestones looking out the gate…

Hope you are having a good week. Things are busy around here and the weather has cooled. We are promised a dry night tonight for which I am happy because I’m going to another soccer game with Josh and Laura tonight. Blessings…

Business Bonus!

It’s a privilege to tag along with Dear on some of his business trips. His trip to Atlanta had a priceless bonus connected to it because Katie and Andrew were able to fly the short distance from Jacksonville, North Carolina to Atlanta to spend 24 hours with us!

Our flights arrived 20 minutes apart in Atlanta on Saturday. Andrew and Katie arrived first so they met us at our gate. Since 9-11 it’s a rare opportunity to be met at the gate!

We got a taxi to our hotel and after we checked in we took a short walk to dinner at Max Lager’s.

Here’s what we were served…

Ribs for Dear

Caesar Cilantro Salad and lamb sliders for me.

Katie and Andrew split a steak with the trimmings. And for dessert we all shared this…

Photo ops on the way to Centennial Park.

We passed the World of Coca-Cola on our way and found out pretty quick that the Olympic park was shut down to the public because of a Light the Night event. Travel buses and people galore with a police presence I haven’t seen anywhere before.

We headed back to the hotel and chatted in the lobby till bedtime on Saturday. We were meeting on Sunday at 7:45 to fit in all we wanted to do before Katie and Andrew had to head back to the airport and Dear had to catch the shuttle to his business event.

Sunday was a fun packed day with lots of walking…

I’m off  in my head again about what day of the week it is. Hope all is well with everyone in blogdom!