Laying to Rest…

I’m looking forward to all the Election brouhaha being laid to rest by tomorrow. In the spirit of that hope I decided to share some more from the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia. I hope you’ll enjoy the peaceful, restful images…

I’m grateful that whoever wins in our nation’s election that God is still on the throne and He is the one that holds our world together. I’m thankful that my hope is in Him and Him alone for my future. Judging from all the polls half of our country is going to be disappointed once the numbers are all in.

Blessings on all who come by here and God bless America…

7 thoughts on “Laying to Rest…

  1. I have such diverse friends….I know some will be upset but this scripture came to mind. “Why so downcast, o my soul, put your hope in God”. Psalm 43:5. That is one amazing cemetery. I see those headstones/monuments and wonder about the people buried there…..what’s their story.

  2. Wow – that is one amazing cemetary. Love how you used the theme to lay the election to rest – it’s so important but I too am so thankful and comforted that God is still on the throne!!!

  3. Ellen, your photography skills make me think I need to learn more about my camera. these photos are beautiful, and what beautiful subject matter. All of the monuments look so clean, and you’re right, they do look so peaceful. I’m with you~I’ll be so glad when this politicing is over! laurie

  4. Don’t pay overmuch attention to those polls…

    I do get the sense that you are weary and ready to put Election 2012 to bed. That I can agree with you on. My favorite stone is the cross with the lilies and ihs. Jesus seems like such a lovely name that I’m not sure why they abbreviate it that way.

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