Our Atlanta Adventures Continued…

Restoring some of my photos…

Last Sunday after we were done at the aquarium we all felt the need for some sustenance. We walked through Centennial Park again on our way to a late lunch.




We found out quickly that most restaurants downtown did not open for lunch on Sundays. We were happy to find Meehan’s open.

We got a nice booth and enjoyed watching and cheering along with the local crowd during the Atlanta Falcons vs. Oakland Raiders game.


We were all happy with our food orders. I’m going to be trying to duplicate this appetizer I ordered.


Dates, goat cheese, bacon and beets. They were very yummy! When we walked out of the Pub full and satisfied,


Katie spotted a little something from close to our home in Washington. A wine barrel from Chateau Ste Michelle.

We passed another pub on our way back to the hotel and of course I’d take a photo of this great British phone booth.

Back at the hotel Dear rushed to get ready for his meeting and Katie, Andrew and I kicked back for another hour or two before they caught their taxi for the airport.

Hope your Sunday is going well. We had a great time at church this morning and are now waiting for Josh and Laura to come for Dear’s famous Swedish pancakes before we head to our Sounders last regular season game. It’s Fan Appreciation Night and we are hoping for a win against Dallas to end the season with a plus! How’s your Sunday going?