Southern Hospitality…

Our last meal out in Atlanta was at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint. We were happy that our concierge recommended it. We were treated to some fine Southern cuisine and hospitality.

Juke (Jook) of African origin, meaning “to dance”, jerking movements of celebration.

Fried green tomatoes with okra and caramelized onions, delicious.

Seafood Gumbo with just the right amount of kick to it.

Beef Brisket sandwich on Texas Toast with sweet potato fries.

A close-up of the brisket sandwich. We ended up splitting the sandwich and the gumbo.

We left Sweet Georgia’s full and satisfied and glad we had some good “Southern” food while in Atlanta, Georgia.

Before our lunch at Sweet Georgia’s we had walked to and from the Oakland Cemetery.  The Oakland Cemetery was so full of interesting history I’ll be dividing my photos into at least two more posts to share from Atlanta with you.

We’ve had our heat on for the majority of the day this week. Things have really cooled down. I’ve seen some pretty substantial snow on the ground from bloggy friends in Alberta and other parts of the country. That seems early, doesn’t it?