Half Way

It’s the middle of June already. We have the furniture on the deck and it’s raining again. We really haven’t had a let’s go sit on the deck day yet. Soon we can enjoy drinking coffee in the morning out there and have a meal or two.

I wanted to show you something I didn’t walk away from at Goodwill this week. I’ve mentioned before on my blog that I am a fan of Beatrix Potter. I’m not a Barbie doll kind of person but this one caught my attention.

It cost me under twelve dollars. Maybe I’ll have to have a Barbie/Peter Rabbit tea party with Addy in a few years.

Hope you all have a nice Father’s Day Weekend. We will be spending some time with our Western Washington kids on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will improve for the weekend.

She Scores…

My trips to my favorite Goodwill store in the area have been very infrequent the last couple of years. Lately I need to have something specific that I’m looking for to hit the thrifts or be right in the neighborhood doing something else. This last week I was looking for a book by a certain author and saw this in the collectibles section.


This is Lomonosov Golden Garden china made in Russia.


Lomanosov2Lomanosov3I bought these pieces for $29.95. When I looked online for prices just the cup and saucer was going for $75.00.

I need another tea set like a hole in the head but since this was a Russian set I wanted it.  I am going to release one of my other sets for this one. I figure that’s a good trade off.

We had a productive weekend at this old house. I’m looking forward to a week where I’ll not be confused on what day it is. Holidays in the middle of the week throw my day compass off.

I’m joining in with Mary at Little Red House for her weekly meme, Mosaic Monday.

Because You Asked…

Here’s what I bought while avoiding the noise at home from the roofers!

The lavender goblets and small green goblets were purchased at an Antique mall in Edmonds. I paid $40.00 for the lavender goblets and $7.50 for the little green ones. I paid more than I usually am willing to pay for goblets but I found that it’s not that easy to find this color out there.

The small green bowls and the purple dessert plates are from Crate and Barrel. The napkin rings are from my stash.

The dinner plates 4 of each kind were purchased at Goodwill.

These napkins are April Cornell and they were purchased at Goodwill.

These dessert plates were purchased at an Antique mall in Snohomish.

I was on a specific search to find lavender and green but I couldn’t pass up some other good buys…

As soon as my schedule permits I’ll be working on a table setting using my latest finds and mixing them with things I have on hand.

I’m linking up with Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen for Let’s Dish. This event starts on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 P.M. (Eastern Time)

One Thrifty Find…

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting Today’s Thrifty Treasures for a few more weeks so you still have time to join in. Thank you Rhoda.

My thrifty find that I’m showing this week is this 3 tiered tin server. I can’t remember exactly what I paid for it but it was under $5.00.

I’m looking forward to using it soon. Maybe for a fall tea. Hope you all are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend…

Today’s Thrifty Treasures

Have you noticed how many fun memes fall on Monday?! I’m going to have to evaluate which ones I enjoy most. This week I’m trying this one at Southern Hospitality called Today’s Thrifty Treasures. Thrift store shopping is something I might have to have an intervention for but until that happens I’m having a good time.

My Thrifty Treasures this week are these tea cups and saucers. They cost me 99 cents for each piece. They are Wedgewood, Volendam, Made in England. I love the design and the colors and of course the price!!

I’m looking forward to seeing more treasures by clicking over to Southern Hospitality!

Thrifty Thursday

I was in Oxnard last week and stopped at two thrift stores that aren’t my usual. I thought glassware and dishes at the Super Thrift store were way over priced but their linens were priced better. I look forward to coming up with some table settings for the linens I bought especially the black and white polka dot!  The red checked napkins will probably be used for 4th of July as will the baking dish. The Johnson bros. plates and the baking dish from Portugal were purchased at my local thrift store. I stay away from buying mugs but I really liked this one from England with the Sweet Robins on it…

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A Thrifting She Will Go…

While in good ole Washington State I never miss the chance to go thrifting. Over the weekend I added some goodies to my red, white and blue stash that I like to use for Memorial Day Celebrations and Fourth of July celebrations. The Revere pewter candlesticks were a bargain. I got the pair for $3.00. All in all these items cost me $7.68!

I’m feeling a lot better. Thank you for all your kind comments. I’m still keeping up the Ibuprofen and yes M.M. I make sure and drink a lot of water with the pills and I never take them on an empty stomach! After a long weekend of making several meals which included home made potato salad, Butterscotch peanut butter Rice Krispy bars, banana bread, egg scrambles, pelemeni, strawberry parfaits, and having finally vacuumed, dusted, and windexed and washed everything, not to mention moving everything back into the basement now that the new tile floor is finished…I announced that all remaining meals will be eaten out starting with Tuesday night’s dinner. Dear had no objections to my proclamation.