She Scores…

My trips to my favorite Goodwill store in the area have been very infrequent the last couple of years. Lately I need to have something specific that I’m looking for to hit the thrifts or be right in the neighborhood doing something else. This last week I was looking for a book by a certain author and saw this in the collectibles section.


This is Lomonosov Golden Garden china made in Russia.


Lomanosov2Lomanosov3I bought these pieces for $29.95. When I looked online for prices just the cup and saucer was going for $75.00.

I need another tea set like a hole in the head but since this was a Russian set I wanted it.  I am going to release one of my other sets for this one. I figure that’s a good trade off.

We had a productive weekend at this old house. I’m looking forward to a week where I’ll not be confused on what day it is. Holidays in the middle of the week throw my day compass off.

I’m joining in with Mary at Little Red House for her weekly meme, Mosaic Monday.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

26 thoughts on “She Scores…

  1. It is certainly perfect for you and I like the trade-off you will make. I’m trying this method with books…doesn’t always work, though!

  2. Yes, you really did score big time! What absolutely beautiful china. I really adore that combination of cream, blue and gold. I’m glad you found it!

  3. Huge score Ellen B. gotta love when you happen across such beauties…guess it was meant to be!
    Xoxo cori g.

  4. Our youngest daughter is collecting Lomonosov china, but it’s hard to find here. Your set is gorgeous. What a great find! Love the designs.

  5. What a wonderful find! I need to start visiting our local Goodwill stores more often. This is my first time to your blog and am visiting from Mosaic Monday. I have to tell you that your picture across the top of your blog is just beautiful. Is that from a special event? Love the use of the aprons on the chairs. So delicate and airy. Thank you for stopping by Still Woods Farmhouse earlier. I hope that you will come back soon. I would be honored to have you follow along. I am about to join your email subscription so I don’t miss anything. Have a wonderful week!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  6. Such a lovely ‘score’, Ellen! Who would’ve thought you’d find Russian china at Goodwill?! Happy for you!

  7. It’s beautiful Ellen. Good for you to give up another set for this – knowing myself, I would be keeping them all – thus the over-full cupboards and china cabinet!

  8. While in high school I was able to spend a couple of summers overseas in many different countries and for some reason I was drawn to tea sets. I would love to have some sort of glass door cabinet to enjoy them all. That is so cool that you found one from Russia. Little gifts from God to light our days!

  9. It is beautiful. I have lots of teapots and tea cups but I am not familiar with this Russian china. Instead of giving up another set, why not have a big tea party and use them all? I am glad these found their way to your home!

  10. How great! You scored, indeed! Hey, maybe I should try our local Goodwill store — I need a pair of bronze-y sandals to wear to a wedding, and I know I’ll probably one wear them the one time….sounds like a plan to me! Thanks for the tip. xoxox

  11. Ellen, you scored HUGE!!!!!! I NEVER get deals like that at my thrift store. Oh my – SO happy for you. I was just checking out some Lomonosov pieces the other day online to add to my Guipure pieces, and yes, the prices have definitely gone up compared to what I paid for them about 10 years ago…

  12. Love the pattern Ellen!
    Had to peek at eBay; there are a couple of cup and saucers at $16, and a creamer and a sugar bowl too at under $50. Are you thinking tea for four or for six?

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