A Sunday Roast

My postcard for today after the Queen’s funeral yesterday is my Sunday Lamb Roast from the Turf Tavern. Roasts typically are only offered on Sundays at Pubs and restaurants. The Turf had a choice of Beef, Lamb or Chicken. Dear picked the Lamb for me, delicious. Besides the meat portion you get veggies, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Dear opted for fish and chips instead of a Roast.

We spent the whole day yesterday watching the telly with absolutely no commercials or interruptions of the ceremony and processionals. We started watching at 7am up until the late afternoon with a quick break to run down for a quick fish and chips break. Wonderful coverage and commentary here.

Today, Tuesday, we will be out and about again trying to visit as many colleges as we can before we check out tomorrow at 10am and head to Woodstock for a couple of nights.

Instant Pot

This was the first full meal we attempted in our new Instant Pot. We made rice previously. If you follow the link you’ll see nicer photos of the end product instead of mine soaked in gravy.

This was a good recipe that I’d use again. Next time around I might add a little extra salt. We followed the recipe with no alterations. I was happy to be able to sear the meat and saute the onions etc. in the pot. A true one pot meal. The new potatoes I bought at our Farmer’s Market were so good. We decided on an instant pot instead of a new Crock Pot. Our son and DIL went with the Fryer Instant Pot combination and they are happy with it.

Here’s the link to the recipe we used.

I’m happy that I attempted this recipe to bond with the pot. It’s always a little scary trying a new multi functioning small appliance. At least for me…