Here, There and Everywhere…

Here are some fences and signs and other things that Dear and I have seen together as we travel here, there and everywhere.


On the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State.


Signs from Fort Langley, British Columbia.



A fence along the river in Fort Langley.

All is well with our electrical at this old house. Today, Wednesday, is a shopping day with our daughter. The neighborhood kids are rising early for the start of school in our district. Thursday is the first day of an Estate sale at my neighbors so cars and people will be filling our street. Friday is Dear’s birthday and we are meeting our western Washington kids for dinner. So far the weekend is free. How’s September shaping up for you?

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Good Fences – Port Gamble

This is a view of the Hood Canal Bridge in the distance from the good fence at the Port Gamble Historic Cemetery. Port Gamble is a historic village on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State. Our last time through Port Gamble we stopped at Mike’s Barbecue and we highly recommend it to our fellow travelers!

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Still Feasting…

…instead of fasting. Soon I will have to resume my de-fluffing but Dear and I went on a quick getaway to the Olympic Peninsula this week on a whim. Spent the night in Port Angeles after driving to the northwestern most point in the contiguous U.S.A. I have a few posts to show you of the beautiful things we saw but today I’m just going to fess up on all the good eats we enjoyed in just one day!

To go on this adventure we had to take a ferry from Edmonds to Kingston on the Kitsap Peninsula.

Our first food stop after disembarking the ferry and driving to the Olympic Peninsula was the Oak Table Cafe in Sequim. You cross the Hood Canal Bridge from the Kitsap Peninsula to get to the Olympic Peninsula.

Their specialty is an Apple pancake that you see above. It’s kind of like a souffle and it’s really enough sweetness for 4 people. I didn’t eat the whole thing. It was delicious and for me a once in a lifetime experience. So that started our eating experience for this day.

After driving out to and coming back from land’s end we checked into our B & B and got a recommendation for dinner.

Happy to report Dear now has another drink to copy for my pleasure called Old Mexico.

After my very sweet start to the day I was happy to end with a delicious savory surf and turf choice for dinner. We had a salad and a Dungeness Crab cake for our starters. I’ll show our B & B breakfast in another post…

I hope you aren’t hungry or dieting while reading this post! We are back home and back to cleaning and sorting and tucking away and throwing things out at this old house. We are in for another hot weekend here in the Seattle area. How are you doing?

I’m avoiding talking about the news because it is so troubling to me and I know many of you share my feelings. My heart and prayers go out to the families who lost their brave Marines yesterday and to those who were injured…may God comfort them and help us all.

Kingston to Edmonds Ferry…

Dear and I enjoyed an overnight trip to Bainbridge Island last Friday to Saturday. On Friday we took the Seattle to Bainbridge Ferry to get to the island and on Saturday after visiting the Bloedel Reserve we drove from Bainbridge across the Agate Pass Bridge to the Kitsap Penninsula and took the Kingston Ferry across the Puget Sound home. Have I confused you yet? Here are some photos from our Kingston to Edmonds voyage…

If you look closely in the window you can see Dear smiling at me in his shades!

That’s downtown Seattle in the distance with the Space Needle to the right…

It’s nice to have a good ferry system so we can enjoy easy trips to the beautiful islands and peninsulas in our area.

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Sunlit Spires

Dear and I were able to get away on an overnight trip to Bainbridge Island and we decided to drive up to the Kitsap Peninsula through the Nordic town of Poulsbo on our way home. We were pleasantly surprised by a very nice and sunny mid-morning to evening on this Saturday after being soaked by rain Friday night and early Saturday morning. I have lots to share from our wonderful getaway.

We had a wonderful Sunday morning at our own church, not this church I pictured. We were able to witness 15 or 43 total Baptisms. We have 3 services so the Baptisms were spaced out between the services. From elementary age children, high school, college, and older adults including a married couple we witnessed obedience to the Word of God to believe and be baptized.

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InSPIREd Sunday ~Port Townsend

Trinity United Methodist Church in Port Townsend, Washington. You can read about it’s history here.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Port Townsend, Washington. The history and heritage of the church can be read here.  Click on InSPIREd Sunday to see more posts from around the world. Thank you Beth and Sally!

These photos were taken in June of 2011. Dear and I took a ferry/road trip over to the Kitsap Peninsula, across the Hood Canal Bridge and onto the historic city of Port Townsend. We enjoyed a day of exploring including going to some garage sales. Posts on our time in Port Townsend can be found here, architecture of the town here, and some yard art here.

On this Sunday we had a very inspiring church service that featured Michael Franzese, a former crime family boss who quit the mob and lived to tell his story. Looking forward to reading his book called Blood Covenant. Seattle is all abuzz with the Seahawks win against the Panthers on Saturday. One more game to determine if they are in the Super Bowl again. I’m suffering from the after effects of a crown and not the kind you put on top of your head. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

Living at the Hood…

…Hood Canal that is.

Our friends Dave and Beth sold their house in our old neighborhill a few years ago and moved to their vacation home on Hood Canal. What a beautiful spot to live and enjoy the beauty that the Lord created for us. They’ve added many great garden touches to make the property more private.

This old guy made the move from the hill to his new home by the water.

They enjoy kayak trips on the canal when the water is calm.

How about this for a great setting for your next roast or just to enjoy a fire by the water?!

The added landscape shrubs and walls help give privacy and block some of the wind that always whips up on the canal.

I waved to my MGCC friends who live in British Columbia just on the other side of Mt. Baker seen here looking north on Hood Canal.

Dave and Beth have always shared the blessings that the Lord has afforded them with their family and friends. God bless you both on whatever the Lord holds for you in the future!

I’ll show more photos I captured of this long legged bird on my next post…

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Poulsbo ~ Velkommen

Poulsbo is a picturesque town located on Liberty Bay on the Kitsap Peninsula. It’s known as “little Norway”  Poulsbo was settled in 1892 by Norwegian loggers, farmers and fishermen who likened the fjord-cut landscape to their homeland.

On Wednesday when Beth picked me up from the Ferry landing we headed here to walk about and check out the 2nd hand store she volunteers at once a week. The 2nd hand store uses their profits to feed the hungry in this area.

How about this mural as a surround for the door to the chocolate shop?!

I took this photo from the inside of the Bakery looking out on the colorful storefronts.

I really like the fun setting of this Mexican restaurant with the eye catching items they’ve decorated with.

There were a few other restaurants I’ll remember if Dear and I ever venture back here. Thanks for showing me around Poulsbo, Beth.

Next time I’ll show you the amazing views around Dave and Beth’s home.

Northwest Weather Notes: It’s sizzling here in the Pacific Northwest. We are looking at breaking some heat records today.

Any fun plans for the weekend? Dear is probably going to work on the house again. I’m going to a Ruffles and Rust sales event in the morning on Saturday. On Sunday our church has their Summer Sunday service. One service instead of 3 all together at a neighboring large piece of property owned by a member of our church. Dinner, service and baptisms all outdoors. BYOC…bring your own chair! I’m thinking about taking an umbrella, too. Have a great weekend!

A Day With a Friend…

I drove to Edmonds and parked my car and bought my ticket to walk on the ferry Wednesday morning.

I sailed on the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston on the Kitsap Peninsula.

It was a beautiful warm day and perfect to be close to the water.

So is this a jelly fish? I saw a few of them in the “Sound”.

When I arrived at the Kitsap dock I waited for the pedestrian bridge to connect to the ferry deck.

I walked off the ferry and my friend Beth was waiting for me and we drove to Poulsbo first and then to her home for lunch. I’ll show more photos of our adventures and her beautiful home in another post. Our friendship began through our sons. Our sons began their friendship in grade school and are still good buds. What a blessing to be friends with your children’s friends!

“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Blue Monday ~ Kitsap Peninsula


Whenever we take the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry across the Sound to the Kitsap Peninsula we pass a gas station that has these carved pieces all over their grass area. It always grabs my attention and makes me smile but we’ve never stopped until this last summer on our way back from Port Gamble. There were bloggers in the car so there was no excuse not to stop. Then we saw their fabulous sign “Take Photos Have a Good Time” A sign that speaks to the heart of a blogger!!


Have a wonderful day and a special “shout out” to my friends Dave and Beth who pass this site way more than me!!

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