Here, There and Everywhere…

Here are some fences and signs and other things that Dear and I have seen together as we travel here, there and everywhere.


On the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State.


Signs from Fort Langley, British Columbia.



A fence along the river in Fort Langley.

All is well with our electrical at this old house. Today, Wednesday, is a shopping day with our daughter. The neighborhood kids are rising early for the start of school in our district. Thursday is the first day of an Estate sale at my neighbors so cars and people will be filling our street. Friday is Dear’s birthday and we are meeting our western Washington kids for dinner. So far the weekend is free. How’s September shaping up for you?

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19 thoughts on “Here, There and Everywhere…

  1. Oh, I love old fences and I have a thing for moss. I just love it!! 🙂 Love the restaurant sign and wish I was going to that estate sale!

  2. Another busy week for you, but an enjoyable one. I like the sign about stopping to eat. It’s always a blessing to be gathered around a meal table with family and friends. I’m sure you’ll have a lovely birthday celebration for your husband.

  3. I like the eating sign … It’s really true isn’t it? (The Mennonite Girls would all agree, I’m sure)! I see a lot of punny beauty salon signs, but not so many barber ones … Good sign spotting there! Happy BD to your husband! Busy family time here too this month.

  4. Ellen, very nice fences! I quite like that spot at Fort Langley along the river. The Birch trees are so nice. Mind you it’s quite nice all over there!

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