I is for Indiana

Later this month all the Mennonite Girls and many of their husbands are headed to Shipshewana, Indiana for …

blue gate

This is all very surreal to all of us and we are excited to see the show and enjoy the experience. I’ve been reading up on the area and want to respect the people in this community. This article is helpful.

LaGrange County and Shipshewana are home to the third largest Amish community in the nation. This community’s simple way of life is the reason many people visit our area—to observe, learn about, pay tribute to, and purchase items from the Amish.

With the travel season upon us, here are a few things to remember as you travel to our area and interact with the Amish:

1. Upon your arrival, you will notice the roads filled with bikes and buggies; many people will be walking, and kids will be riding pony carts.

Please slow down and take extra caution as you travel. Buggies follow the same road rules as vehicles, so they are allowed to be on the road.

2. Please don’t honk at the horses pulling buggies. The sound easily could spook the horses.

3. The Amish in our area understand the fact that visitors come to get to know them. Within limits, they will visit some with you, but if they choose not to, that’s okay. Even if you don’t get into a conversation with them, they will provide a smile and a nod.

4. As part of their religious heritage, Amish believe photographs are “graven images,” so please do not take photos of their faces…grown-ups or children. It’s tempting, we know, but please honor their culture by not taking photographs.

5. DO stop in at their home businesses on the Amish backroads. Many of these businesses help sustain the Amish way of life. You’ll see many signs on our county roads advertising these small “cottage businesses.” When you see a sign, you’re automatically invited to stop in; you’ll be welcomed.

6. Most shops are closed on Sunday so the Amish can honor the Sabbath with a day of rest and spend uninterrupted time with their family. Plan your schedule accordingly.

Welcome to LaGrange County. We’re so glad you’re here!

After a few days in Indiana we continue on to Ohio for the second location of our play at the Ohio Star Theater (Sugarcreek). Somebody pinch me…but not too hard!

I wonder what items I will find to buy and bring home with me from these industrious people.

If any of you have been in this part of the country and you have a recommendation on what to see let me know in comments.

I’m linking up with ABC Wednesday started by Mrs. Nesbitt and carried on by Roger and a team of exceptional bloggers!

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20 thoughts on “I is for Indiana

  1. how exciting…this is going to be so fun and, believe me, if I lived even CLOSE, I would be first in line to buy a ticket…Congrats on all this…very exciting to be in Amish country…i’ve always wanted to go

  2. I’m so excited for you all. What an amazing experience …I’m kind of all star struck just to think I’m writing to you! We stayed in Berlin Ohio in Amish country and a couple of other places in the State’s Amish country and we visited Shipsewahnna (and I still don’t think I can spell it). We went to all the visitor centers and many Amish run stores but the family-farm stands were our favorite part of the experience … Delicious produce and wonderful conversations with the people …we were there around this time of year ( and RVing, so we were cooking and eating in mostly). You will love it all. I wish I could see the play!

  3. How exciting Ellen and I wish you and your friends good luck with the forthcoming events,
    A few days ago I watched a documentary about The Amish people and their way of life, it was most interesting. I don’t know much about the Mennonite creed but believe it to be Christian.
    Is there a link between the two ?
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

    • Some Mennonites live closer to the Amish way of life than others. Mennonites are Christian. I’m the one “girl” in the group who is not Mennonite.

  4. I have enjoyed the Mennonite Girls blogs for a while but this is my first time commenting. I grew up in Shipshewana and was excited to see The Blue Gate is hosting the play. My daughter and I will be attending in October. I should have done more research and gotten tickets for the cooking show as well. There are a lot of neat places to visit in Shipshewana and hope you enjoy your time here. A couple of places I would recommend visiting is the Davis Mercantile, a unique shopping place and Menno-Hof, an interesting place to learn more about the Amish/Mennonite story. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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