Dollar Store For the Win!

On Friday Josh and Laura arrived from the ‘Coast’ and when the littles woke up from their nap their mommy drove them over for dinner. We enjoyed a slow cooked brisket with all the fixins and watermelon plus brownies for dessert. It was a hot day and the evening was perfect for some fun with water. I bought some water launchers and bubble guns from the Dollar Store earlier in the day and they proved to provide so much fun. Uncle Josh was a good sport and joined in the water fun. Uncle Joshie, Addy and JJ were soaked by the time the fun was over.

Time for wrap the grands like a burrito to dry them off and warm them up before the ride home for nighty night.

Hello June!

Can you see the sweet little bird peeking out from one of the bird houses on our son’s property? Katie took this photo during our recent trip to Chewelah.

June will bring some change-up projects around this old house. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Now that Dear is not going into work each day I’m going to make a list of things that will be easier for us to do together when it’s raining outside. When it’s not raining he’ll be working on outdoor projects. I had the revelation that our bedroom furniture in our two guest rooms on the main floor need to be switched. The structure of the beds make better sense in the opposite rooms. The beds are both queens so we just need to move the bed frames. I have things to switch around in the living room, too. Nothing major but it just makes better visual sense. Do you get those revelations after living with something for a long time, that “aha” moment when you see the more logical arrangement?

June is the beginning of getting used to things being different daily while Dear is in between jobs. Good thing I’m in a de-fluffing time right now or I’d be tempted to suggest we go out for breakfast or for lunch or to the donut shop. The motivation to de-fluff is still with me and I plan to continue till the wedding. I’m happy to report that I’m down thirteen pounds. It feels good to have more room to breathe. June starts out with our new daily routine and ends with our son’s wedding.

What does June hold for you?

Hope I didn’t totally bore you with my little bit of this and that post. Here’s another photo before I go.

My peonies are opening up. I have one bush that has given us several blooms and the other only managed two!

Juniper Tree


I committed the bloggy error of not taking recent photos of this juniper tree before we cut it down. That meant I had to go digging in the archives for photos I might have and this is the best one I could find.


What we found out this past weekend is that raccoons were using our Juniper tree as a ladder to gain access to our roof. We did not like that idea at all. We have had problems with rats, too, so we thought it would be best not to have sturdy tree branches close enough to the house for varmints to access our roof.

I’ll miss the views it enhanced from my computer window and our living room window.

Trees etc 001We still have to deal with these stumps. I was joking around with Dear about carving something into these stumps for yard art. Taking the tree down also gives us more urgency to finally finish replacing the siding on our house. So many projects so little time when your handy man works full time!

Trees etc 004If we ever put a fire pit in somewhere on our property we could use this wood once it seasons. We have on more huge tree that we hired someone to take down and we’ll have lots more wood. I did take before photos of that tree and will share the proper before and afters of that tree.

Trees etc 007In the meantime we have lots of yard waste to deal with besides our weekly mowing the lawn yard waste. We have wondered on many occasions why yard waste is not collected every week during the summer months instead of every other week.

Thankfully when the tree guy comes to chop down our huge tree on Monday he will be putting all the branches through a chipper and taking the waste away with him. He will leave the large logs for us.

I’ll take some photos of the tree guys at work.

It’s June! How did that happen so fast? We have some fun events scheduled for June like our end of year barbecue with our small group, my niece and her husband are coming to visit, a fun day with the MGCC girls, and a wedding in Portland the end of June. In the midst of all that we have to demo our main bathroom and order all the new fixtures. What do you have going in June?


The Butterfly


I was so happy that a butterfly stayed still long enough on my walk yesterday with Willow so that I could get a photograph. This is my first butterfly shot. I’d love to be able to get closer to one to get a clearer shot sometime. I had to zoom in fearing it would flutter away if I got too close. Dear tells me this is a Swallowtail butterfly, smarty pants!

Photobucket is holding all my photos I stored with them from 2007-2015 hostage. They have blacked out all those photos on my blog posts. OH BOTHER! I’m slowly cleaning up my posts.