Hello June!

Can you see the sweet little bird peeking out from one of the bird houses on our son’s property? Katie took this photo during our recent trip to Chewelah.

June will bring some change-up projects around this old house. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Now that Dear is not going into work each day I’m going to make a list of things that will be easier for us to do together when it’s raining outside. When it’s not raining he’ll be working on outdoor projects. I had the revelation that our bedroom furniture in our two guest rooms on the main floor need to be switched. The structure of the beds make better sense in the opposite rooms. The beds are both queens so we just need to move the bed frames. I have things to switch around in the living room, too. Nothing major but it just makes better visual sense. Do you get those revelations after living with something for a long time, that “aha” moment when you see the more logical arrangement?

June is the beginning of getting used to things being different daily while Dear is in between jobs. Good thing I’m in a de-fluffing time right now or I’d be tempted to suggest we go out for breakfast or for lunch or to the donut shop. The motivation to de-fluff is still with me and I plan to continue till the wedding. I’m happy to report that I’m down thirteen pounds. It feels good to have more room to breathe. June starts out with our new daily routine and ends with our son’s wedding.

What does June hold for you?

Hope I didn’t totally bore you with my little bit of this and that post. Here’s another photo before I go.

My peonies are opening up. I have one bush that has given us several blooms and the other only managed two!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “Hello June!

  1. Hi Ellen! Nice job on the defluffing!
    I can’t wait for my peonies. They are so ready to pop!
    Yes, sometimes it feels so good to move things and I DO wonder why it doesn’t occur to me long before it does.
    Be careful! Don’t pull anything before the wedding!
    Love the little birdie. SO sweet.

  2. Hi Ellen, well I thought we would have a grandbaby boy born in June but he came yesterday… Praise the Lord! Miles was born to my daughter and her hubby. Her first. They live in Chicago and as much I would have loved to be there, not possible at this time.. Good job on defluffing. I defluffed about five pounds quite a while ago and need to get back to it…

  3. What a beautiful photo of the little bird peeking out! I can almost smell the fragrance of the peonies, so pretty too!
    Sounds like a wonderful June planned for you too! Good luck with the projects!Congratulations on the weight loss, I must have picked up those pounds you lost!~smile~
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bits of this and that make for an interesting post. Good luck on the house fluffing and congrats on the personal de-fluffing. A wedding is a great goal. Love the peonies.

  5. Love your peonies!! So glad to know you are doing well… and am getting excited about the wedding!!! I can stand to lose 10 pounds too — you are doing much better than me in that department.


  6. June will fly by! So happy for you to have the wedding to look forward to. My peonies are out in full and the hydrangeas are about ready to pop. I even have some early dahlias! We had such a mild winter that the plants are mixed up.

  7. I like this and that posts. You must let us know how this new situation works for you. John is “retired” but he always has a project that he goes to each day. I had other ideas when we married, but am used to his schedule now.

    Yes, I often realize that things would work better if they were switched up. I don’t always have the energy for the project. Glad that you do!

  8. Way to go…with the de-fluffing! I maybe need some motivation to do the same. Enjoy having your ‘project guy’ around for the next while. Who knows what the next chapter will look like?

    Beautiful peonies!

  9. I love your this and that post – always a joy to read about what’s happening over there!! How wonderful that you’ve defluffed – 13 lbs. is amazing (picture 13 lbs. of butter stacked up and that’s how much you’ve lost!!!). June is going to be a wonderful month for you and your family. Enjoy having Dear around more during this time.

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